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All Access Members for the Online Dream Circle will be able to use

 the super easy platform of Zoom.  You will be given a sign in link after registration via email.  It is easy to use!

Just click the link you get in your email and you will be part of the Dream Circle.  This is the audio version.  If you want to show your face and see the video version too ( and why not?!), then just download Zoom to your phone or computer ( whichever one you want to use) and it just takes a moment to load and your in!  Thats it!


Q: What if I cant make the Dream Circle and want to hear it?

           A:  Just let me know and I will email you the MP3 link which is easy to open and you dont have to miss a thing!

Q: What if I am having a hard time figuring this all out?

         A: Just let me know and I will walk you through it so you can join us. ( but I wont be able to help during the Dream Circle)

Q: Is this Live?

     A: Yes

Q: Do I have to share my name or identity with the group? Especially if I speak?

     A: No.  Your name will never be shared ( unless you share it yourself) and if you use only the audio, your image will not be shared at all.

Q: Can I share the MP3 link with others who are not Members?

    A: Do you really need to ask that?  ( the answer is no and I am holding you to an honor system)

Q: Will you discuss aspects of Dreaming?

    A:  I will and hope to create a community of online Dreamers.

Q: What if you are unable to hold a Dream Circle?

     A: I will send out an email with a make-up date. But I am dedicated to not missing any, though I know sometimes life detours.

Q: What if I dont want people to see my background?

    A: Thats okay and here is the info for that: Virtual background

        Allow users to replace their background with any selected image. Choose or upload an image in the Zoom Desktop application settings.

Q: What if I dont like it and I want my money back?

     A: Speak with me and I will let you transfer your Membership to someone else. (but no refund)

Q: What if I want the old days back, where you would sit with a small group, and give personal, eye to eye, attention to me in a nurturing environment?

      A:  Fuggitabout it! lol  But~ You will have more options to attend and cheaper than before! Plus, you will  meet more Dreamers and work more actively with your Dreams.

           Plus~ I will still do private Dreamwork sessions via appointment.