Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan is the owner of Mystic Dream.


Bob Edgett is always available to help keep things running smooth.


Wolfie is Mystic Dreams Mascot and always available if you would like to pet a Wolf hybrid.

VR Health

VR Health Clinic has teamed up with Mystic Dream to bring you the most advanced technology for brain and consciousness enhancement.

Sessions are by appointment.

Call 702 2720-1319 to schedule.

Wendy Surber Bio

Wendy Surber offers Holy Fire Reiki, and Vibrational Sound Therapy through the use of Tuning Forks.

60 Minute Energy Session: This includes a guided meditation, chakra balancing, and hands on energy work. $80

60 Minute Tuning Fork Session: Cleaning and clearing the body’s biofield with crystal bowls $80

If you would like a mixture of both we can talk about your needs and pricing on individual basis.

Sessions are by appointment. 

Call or text NOW to schedule: 702-358-6655 

Judy Mahoney, a Chopra trained Teacher, leads Guided Healing Meditations on Sundays at noon available both in-person and online. Perfect for everyone, especially those who struggle with how to meditate.

Celeste Carter teaches Gentle Yoga with Crystal Bowls on Saturdays at 11:00.

Celeste also offer Healing Treatments with Access Bars.

All sessions are by appointment.

Call 702 272-1319 or

text 702 480-9802

to schedule.