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Your Brain Trainers

As leaders in brain health and technology, VR Health Clinic is changing lives through the power of Neurofeedback, Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Virtual Reality, shared experiences, and cognitive stimulation. VR Health Clinic is dedicated to helping people in need receive the benefits of cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) therapies that combine Neurofeedback with an extensive understanding of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). Our innovative approach gives  patients powerful results now obtainable within their own homes.

The unique program and technologies at VR Health Clinic are the product of a dedicated team of Neuroscientists and Brain-Computer Interface experts, united by our passion for utilizing science and technology to improve lives. Guided by the expertise and combined wisdom of our associates, VR Health has been a global pioneer in the field of Neuro-Rehabilitation since 2010. Over the years, we have invested millions of dollars in developing the best technologies, software, and equipment to help patients live full, rewarding lives.

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VR Health Clinic strives to harness the power of Neuroscience and Brain-Computer Interface to help change lives. Our original and innovative Virtual Reality and Neurofeedback training programs integrate cognitive stimulation carefully designed to create happy, calm, therapeutic, and memorable experiences that help transform a patient’s minds. Over time, clients find that by making their inner worlds better and brighter places, they can also change their external ones! As negative patterns in their brains are modified, the entire reality of a patient can transform as well.

With an increased demand for home-based medical care and therapies, VR Health Clinic remains dedicated to providing patients access to the help they need. Our newest product, the “VR Health Remote Neurofeedback System” provides patients with state-of-the-art home systems developed to meet the sophisticated requirements of advanced clinical Neuro applications and deliver on each patient’s individual rehabilitative needs. With their system, clients and patients can do Neurofeedback exercises on their time–in the comfort of their own home. To ensure proper progress is made, VR Health’s coaches and therapists virtually meet with each patient weekly to create and modify treatment plans and guide clients on their rehabilitative journey.

Through the power of Neurofeedback and Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, VR Health Clinic’s products make it possible for patients to feel better and engage in the real world in a way they may have never thought possible. Using technology as a powerful tool, VR Health Clinic opens the world back up with inventive solutions that are proven to free the most powerful part of ourselves–our minds. At VR Health Clinic we believe that a better brain equals a better you.

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