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What is A Dream Circle? - Mystic Dream Center

What is A Dream Circle?

In Dream Circles, we sit in a large circle, either on the floor on yoga mats etc, or on chairs.

The Circle is blessed at the beginning of the Dream Circle and is supportive.

Typically they are 2 hours long. The first hour is devoted to sharing a Dream for people that want to share.  The second hour is devoted to shamanically journeying into a sleep Dream via Susan’s heartbeat drumming.

Everyone can do this!  Even people that have no background in either.

Susan Morgan trained many years ago with Robert Moss, the forerunner of modern Dreaming practices via shamanism.

She has held so many Dream Circles over the years, that she is in a league of her own regarding Dreamwork, and a Master Dreamworker.

Susan teaches how to remember Dreams and how to interpret Your Own Dream.  She also teaches you how to consciously journey into your Dream to gain a deeper understanding.  It is called Conscious Dreaming.

Through shamanic methods we can practice Authentic Dreamwork , as opposed to just a ‘thinking’ understanding of  Dreams.

This is life changing and empowering.

It also accelerates the development of conscious awareness dramatically.

Come once to check it out, or come as often as you want and grow your relationship with your Dreaming Self to your Waking Self.


(artwork by Davis Moore, a Dreamer

More info: TransformAtelier.com)

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