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Learn how to unlock your success switch! 


Go beyond the mind and uncover your brain’s untapped potential with Neuroscience and Meditation, with
lead Neuroscientist Marcelo Geffen!
In this one-of-a kind, one on one, VIP Coaching Session, you’ll use Science based Neurofeedback and Brain mapping to quantify your brainwaves while you meditate in real time in a Virtual Reality Environment. 
Sound like fun?  It is!
You’ll use Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Technology and Brain Mapping in real time
to enhance and expand on your untapped potential!
With this training you can learn how to rewire your brain to

overcome obstacles,

address mental health needs,

and achieve your goals.

There are only 7 spots left!

Call 702-727-9944 today

to get more information and secure your spot.