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And what a corner! I have had health challenges the last 3 months, which started with Lyme disease and wrapped up 2 weeks ago with emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder.  I am now pain free! Yay!   Anyone who has had sustained pain would probably agree that it can really put

 life on hold. In my case, I was able to accomplish very little.

The release of all this pain and sickness has me now feeling quite buoyant, I am so grateful to say. It was a refresh/reset button, and combined with my move out West, has me looking at life with fresh anticipation and joy.  I was positive before all this, but I now have a feeling of buoyancy.  I wish this for all of you.

We are entering a new season and with it, a fresh chance to let go of all that no longer applies in our lives.  This is a good practice on a daily basis, but certainly critical on a seasonal level.  Our bodies respond well to this in Autumn, especially so when we engage our conscious will.

The last time I had a health crisis was close to 20 years ago and when I emerged from that, I was a new person in many ways.  It was my shamanic initiation and is when I started my Dreamwork and healing practice. I founded The Mystic Dream Center and a few years later agreed (to requests from the Spiritual World) to doing Mediumship work. I moved 2 states away to New Hampshire and friends back in Connecticut were a bit concerned.  I was not though, and followed my own star.

I am following my own star now and it is a windy star! This keeps me from having any regrets about my life and choices.  Someone recently sent me a message complimenting me on my ‘bravery’ in moving across country and mixing up my life.  She wished she could do the same.  I was sad to read her feeling trapped.  I encouraged her to make changes in her life.  She can start with small choices and see if that brings satisfaction.  If not, she will need to continue on till her Soul finds an agreeable life.  Probably, she will not to have do as drastic a change in her life as I just did.

The only difference between me and perhaps someone else, is not bravery at all, but rather a fear that my Soul will

become unhappy with my life choices.  Life is not perfect and I am not looking for anything near perfection, only a life that my Soul says was worthwhile.  The effects of an unhappy Soul can be so great and are the main reason for all our problems from what I see and I keep this as my motivation to navigate around problems in life.

Do you want to know the quickest way to bring a dose of happiness to your Soul?  Do anything creative and with abandon with no regard to criticism, especially from yourself.  It is a good idea to make this a practice, and your life will start to reap rewards from doing so.

Maybe try this as a joyous reward to being alive!