Total Transformation Package

33 Custom Sessions ( 7 Individual and 26 group settings)


This package is perfect for the person who wants to completely turn their life around in many areas.  If you want a complete re–wiring we got cha! This is about 9 months of weekly sessions; enough to birth a new you!

Explore how a Virtual Reality experience can expand your awareness and increase your well being.  It is recommended that you pick the key areas in your life you would like to bring healing to.

This package includes a (7) custom Live meditation that flows smoothly with the VR experience so that you can maximize your healing concerns towards health.

This package also includes (26!) Live guided meditations that flow smoothly with the VR experience in a small group setting.  This is still powerful!    This is science based healing that brings results.

Call Mystic Dream at 702 272-1319 to discuss the possibilities and also to schedule your sessions.

Come be amazed!