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The Shamanic Path Program

you will:

Learn how to shamanically journey as a method for gaining access to deeper states of awareness


Interact with other Dimensions

Connect with Your Power Animals

Connect with the Elements: Fire, Water, Air & Earth

Connect with Trees and Plants

Connect with Rocks

Travel Across Time

Travel to Your Ancestors

Find & Connect with Your Helper(s) from the World of Spirit

Access other dimensions of your magnificent Self!

Learn how to drum/rattle for yourself

This can sound, perhaps, overwhelming and not applicable for most people.  Why, would anyone want to walk between two worlds, when it is challenging enough to work and carry on relationships in one world?

Here is the reason:

There is a river of light/life that flows parallel to the ‘everyday’ life that most people lead. As you go through your day, there is this magical path that runs alongside.  You can consciously step over into it, any time you feel inspired to.  You will come away from it feeling refreshed and hopeful.  You will know that the Universe is alive all around you and interacting with you.  This is only observed when we step into the river of light/life. We can dip in and out of it through out our days and still be able to carry out the responsibilities of our lives.

Shamanism, at its highest level, is about having a greater sense of awareness of all that is possible and active on the level of Creation across the cosmos and also, ( and most importantly) outside the time and space continuum.  It is a path that is EXPERIENTIAL with the Divine and all of its creation.

When we are able to experience states of awareness, not normally accessible to everyday thinking minds, we can better appreciate the majesty of Creation.  We are then also, more able, to co-create. A rapid acceleration of your consciousness takes place naturally when you are able to see more of reality. We cannot hope to expand our consciousness if we are unable to access dimensions hidden from us.  We need a road map.  Once, we can ‘see’ more, it raises our consciousness.  This is an important distinction on why some people progress rapidly and others don’t.  You cant do what you don’t know.

The order is ‘see more then know more’.

Not~’know more and see more.’

Shamanism is not just knowing your Power Animals and such.  It is also an awareness ( and not just intellectually) of the many fields of energy that make up you. You truly are multi dimensional and are operating as such, with or without, your conscious awareness. This fact makes us both more responsible for our lives and also gives us greater opportunity to create.

Will this program make you a Shaman? No.

The Spirit World decides who they want to work with and, if they pick you, you’ll know.  Your life will turn upside down.  Maybe even keel hauled. Dont go looking for it.  It already has you in it’s sights, if that is your higher calling.

But you can work shamanically and this is a very good thing for all of us. You will get a Certificate of Completion though and be part of a growing group of empowered people that are positively affecting their own lives.

Susan Morgan works, one on one, with you.  If you feel drawn to this path contact Susan to see if you are a good candidate for this.

Send Susan an email:



Required Reading: The Power of Dreams; Dream Tools for Navigating Life by Susan Morgan ~ FREE to you

Required Purchase: Drum or Rattle ( does not have to be acquired till the 2nd month of the program)

If you are unable to travel to Susan for this program, you can work with her via phone and either Skype, Facetime or Google Hang Outs.

The Course runs for approximately 9 months, is dynamic and individualized. The fee is $2222

You can make payments in 2 increments if that is desired. The first payment of $1111 at the start with the balance of $1111 due within 60 days.



...I just loved the course and learned so much on so many levels. I also really appreciated, and resonated with, your straightforward honest and ethical approach to this kind of work. It’s hard to find that combination in a teacher, and I loved working with you. So thanks again…  Shelli Jankowski-Smith