Susan Morgan is a Master Trance Medium who specializes in connecting with the Departed and Unseen World.  Susan also does Animal Communication for both living and deceased pets and can also help you gain clarity with relationships and business endeavors. She limits her time spent in trance each week, so her schedule fills fast.  Susan also works via phone, and that is the same quality and price as the in-person Readings. There is a small discount given to her long term clients back East

Susan Morgan is the owner of Mystic Dream in Las Vegas (Henderson) which is a Metaphysical Store with a Yoga/Class Studio.  She is also an Author, Workshop Leader, and Master Dreamworker. 

As a Shamanic Practitioner (for the past 20 years) Susan is able to assist in Soul work which includes Soul Recovery.  She also blesses homes and removes Unwanted Spirits, and is a true Walker Between the Worlds.

Her rates for deeper Shamanic work are individualized and it is best to contact her for more information.

Contact her at: or text 860 536-3050 to schedule an appointment.

Susan is part Native American (Abenaki and Huron) as well as Scots Irish

Some Testimonials:

“Thank you for introducing me to Dreamwork!”   Michael

“I think your Reading was amazing and can’t believe the information you were able to get!”    Sharon

“Thank you Susan. You are pure goodness and kindness with rare gifts.”

“You are the best!”   Jane

“This was the first night I slept well in years. Thank you! My daughter also received a healing at the Dream Circle and is very grateful.”   Pamela

“Thank you ever so much for the most wonderful experience with my class yesterday. It was both informative and fun. It certainly gave us a great deal to think about. I’m hoping my students may follow up by joining one of your Stonington meetings.”  Mitchell College

“You saved my life! lol ”  KT

“I am out of sorts.  I need Susan Morgan time!”  VM

“While working, Susan uses some of the brain power that science says is currently unused by most of us!”  Dan

“Thank you again so much for taking the time to speak with our group!  It was an amazing afternoon! ” MT

“Yours is a journey of the soul that empowers others.  By shining your light in such a positive way you serve the greatest good.  Thank you.”  Mike

“Her speech was very good at capturing the audience and was something to remember. Her techniques for dealing with anxiety worked.”  Jenna

“Susan’s confidence, honesty and passion made for an inspirational, heart-felt discussion. ”  Chelsea

“Susan Morgan left quite the impression on myself and I have no doubt that she impacted my peers as well.”    Megan

“Susan Morgan was probably the most entertaining woman I have ever met in my life!”  Colleen

“It was an extremely unique experience, during the session I felt like I was on a different wavelength. Susan Morgan is a wise woman.”  MC

“The whole room felt safe, warm and calm.  I felt all of this the second I walked through the door. During the session we shared a dream that we were able to recall.  Everyone was encouraged to share insights of each others dreams based on their own personal perspective.  It was really quite amazing, as it seemed as though everyone could make sense of each others dreams in their own way.”  CM

“Your fabulous and fierce and we love you.”  PM