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How can I think you enough?

I remember sitting upon a Star, asking if you had room for one more…me.

You enthusiastically said Yes and welcomed me.

As you have for all others.

Across time.

You feed me, breath me, nurture me, inspire me, sustain me every moment and cradle me upon my death.

You have welcomed me each time I have lived on you.

You have done this for all my ancestors, children and grandchildren.

If all goes well, you will be there for my great grandchildren and all my descendants.

Maybe even me for another round when this Body has expired.

If you had just fed me, watered me, breathed me, healed me; that would have been too generous.

But you went a million steps over that and gave me mountains, oceans, lakes, streams, gentle rain, thunder, lightning, fire, clouds, fish, birds, animals, plants, vegetables, trees, flowers, bees, rocks, gems, and on and on and on.

You are the Primal Energy of Mother, and by your example, may the human race develop more compassion.

Forever in gratitude,