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Susan Morgan is the owner of Mystic Dream in Las Vegas (Henderson) which is a Metaphysical Store with a Yoga/Class Studio.  She is also an Author, Workshop Leader, Master Dreamworker, and  lifelong Psychic (with the ability to assist the Departed through invoking help from the Spirit World), started working professionally years ago in response to the overwhelming need for helping the living and the departed better heal their relationships, as well as reach higher goals~ both this side as well as Souls in the Unseen World.  She is well respected in this field. She also assists in Animal Communication.

She is a Shamanic Practitioner (for the past 20 years) and is able to assist in Soul work which includes Soul Recovery.  She also blesses homes and removes Unwanted Spirits.  She is a true Walker Between the Worlds.

To see her Reading rates and other offerings:

$177 for an hour in-person Reading

Her rates for deeper Shamanic work are individualized and it is best to contact her for more information.

She does phone Readings as well as in-person, and the quality is the same for each.

Contact her at: Susan@MysticDreamCenter.com or text 860 536-3050 to schedule an appointment.

Susan is part Native American (Abenaki and Huron) as well as Scots Irish, with an interesting ancestral line, which she honors.