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What a pleasure to have you speak! Inspiring, to say the least!   Stephanie


You were so entertaining. Thank you for sharing about your life.  You helped me so much.  I had a wonderful time.            Colleen


Susan, I love you.  Thank you for saving my life!  haha!  KT


Your fabulous and fierce. We love you.  Thank you.    NS


The Dream Circle was wonderful.  You are an incredible human with incredible experiences!  Meg C


Such a heart and mind opening opportunity!  Amy


Susan Morgan was probably the most entertaining woman I have ever met in my life.  She was so confident and captivating.  Her presentation of herself is something I aspire to have.  CH


Since her appearance, I have been trying to remember my dreams and connect them to my every day routine.  I have also been cognizant of connecting my left and right brain.   Chelsea