Soul Aura Prints

Soul prints can be described as energetic picture of souls. Through her drawings, IM channels Light Codes and Patterns when she interacts with people energies. IM is one of a few incarnate beings who have the energetic “codes, patterns” and “connections” to catch the energy around her and translate it to her drawings.

Ivalu Miranda is an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer and friend.  Just being in her presence is therapeutic. Her authenticity and honesty is unmatched. It is incredibly touching and beautiful that she is willing to share these gifts to heal and benefit others on many levels.

A Cuban-American spiritual artist, IM channels light codes and patterns needed from the planet for the benefit of individuals and the collective consciousness.  The patterns she sees influence the unconscious, bringing a new form of learning and understanding into awareness.

Ivalu earned her BA in computer science and a Masters degree in E-learning in Cuba.  After a tumultuous upbringing, she left Cuba in 2011 to live in Miami where she completed an additional Masters degree in Math Education.  As she transitioned to a new country and culture, she discovered the healing properties in yoga and holistic therapy, greatly increasing her awareness and intuition.  She has committed her life to daily self-care to purify her body and mind in order to keep her system clean and focus’ all her energy in building positive experiences.  She is extremely passionate about sharing these benefits with those around her.

She loves traveling and learning the roots of every culture. She has earned 4 yoga alliance credits from Kripalo and is a Reiki healer. She never stops learning to find truth in all things.  She supports people in Cuba that save stray animals.

Communing with nature is her first priority and is where she renews herself from higher energy regularly. Ivalu uses her gifts to touch the spirits of those who are open to it.