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Shamanic Drumming Training

A true shamanic drumbeat is healing to both sides of our brains.  It brings better balance and also increases our white blood cell count! But Shamans have used this very specific drumbeat for traveling to and around the Spirit World. Whether you want to learn this method for your own healing and meditation practice or to be used in a group setting, all aspects are covered.  This is a certified 1 day program.

A drum is required.  You can either buy one at Mystic Dream or acquire on your own.


Participants will learn:

  • What is the history of the drum amongst shamanic practitioners
  • How to use the drum
  • How to bless the drum
  • How to work with oneself shamanically using the drum
  • How to hold the space for a group and shamanically drum for others
  • How to use this ancient tool for healing
  • Pre registration is required
  • Fee: $145

This class is one of the Mystic Dream Empowerment Series classes.

There is a need now for more people to authentically learn these skills and Mystic Dream is qualified and happy to offer these Certified Courses. This is available both In-Person and Virtually.  Your Teacher Susan Morgan has more than two decades as a drummer for groups and has trained many people.