MAY Sedona and UFO Experiences

The time is now for humanity to understand our place in the greater cosmos.


We have been very childlike in thinking we are the special and only beings in creation.

What if you could see, with your own eyes, proof that other Beings share our Universe?

What is you could see them here and now?


Susan Morgan and Marcello Geffen have developed a program just for this. It is called Starborn Encounters and each event is custom curated for a very small gathering of intrepid souls looking to experience more in their life.

We know that to see and experience contact with other Beings requires a certain state of resonance.  This is why there are plenty of stories of where some people in a group saw a UFO and others did not.


Did the Beings select only a few to see them? No!

The people that did see them had a certain resonance though.


We have the technology to get you into the needed state of resonance so you too can take part in Interdimensional interaction with off planet Beings who are our Star Brothers and Sisters. Through the use of  XXXXXXXXXX participants learn the valuable skill of reaching a higher resonance. During this 3 day event, you will also be able to access Level 2 Contact, which is the sighting of UFO’s and/or Star Brothers and Sisters.

All of this in the extraordinary landscape of Sedona which is a known magnet for this type of activity.  Our team at Starborn Encounters knows the best places for these encounters to happen, and it is not widely known.  We actually like it that way and ask every participant to sign a non-dislcosure document so that it does not become filled with curious tourists.  Our events are more focused on the sacred encounters and not the hype.


The accomadations are also extraordinary and include a gorgeous Air B&B right in Sedona with our own chef.  Come for a few days, relax, get into a higher resonance, see some of our distant Star Family and renew yourself and your life!

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