PyraLight3 Bundle – Active Pad + PyraEyes + Pyra Nasal Cord


Deck yourself out in Pyra Gear and get the best value with this bundle!

Benefits of using PyraLight:

  • Relaxation, shifting from stress response to parasympathetic nervous system state
  • Improved Sleep experience
  • Improved neuroplasticity (with the Nasal IR cord and Glasses)
    • Neuroplasticity: Wiring & communication pathways in the brain. Improving your brain’s plasticity will sharpen your memory, concentration, and cognitive skills. Plus, it can help you address depression and anxiety. It may even promote healing in the case of adult brain trauma or injury.
  • Pain reduction
  • Increased healing capability
  • Improved resilience and better mood

What’s Included: PyraLight 3 Active Pad + PyraEyes + IR Nasal Light cord for PyraLight

  • Separately total $1333 : savings of $111 for a total of 3 therapeutic devices to be used together or separately (Full descriptions on individual product page; see brief product descriptions below)

Warrantee: 1 year warranty, returns are subject to 44% restock service fee. If any component fails during this time, please send an email to explaining the problem. You will need to pay for postage to Thailand, but repair and return postage will be fully covered by the warrantee.

Training & Certification: Sold separately ; Cost: $1000

PyraLight Systems In-Person Training at The Liiighthouse on Balboa Island (Newport Beach, CA) using an individuals HUMAN DESIGN CHART as a blueprint for individualized setting configuration. This is highly targeted for optimally effective treatment!

*Ask about training discounts at the time of ordering!

For more information & educational links, please Email


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The PyraLight was developed by a brilliant man who worked in Silicon Valley for 23 years before moving to Thailand and becoming a Monk in 2008. His goal is to promote holistic healing, well being & peace by using the fractal relationships in nature, light and sound applied to tone series to effectuate meaningful healing throughout the body and mind.

The PyraLight Pad superpulses six 850nm infrared LEDs as well as 5uT magnetic fields into the body, using three highly beneficial brainwave frequencies—40hz Gamma + 8hz Schumann + 2hz Delta.


How to use: You can place the pad wherever you like on your body, LEDs pointing into your body for sore areas or places where you feel pain, but do not stand, sit or lie on the pad, in order to protect the pad itself. Can be used at home, in the office or on the go.


The PyraLight Pad—Superpulses six 850nm infrared LEDs as well as 5uT magnetic fields into the body, using three highly beneficial brainwave frequencies—40hz Gamma + 8hz Schumann + 2hz Delta. The synergistic pulsing of infrared light & magnetics is really great for relaxation, pain reduction, improved resilience & overall better mood.

The PyraLight PyraEyes Mask—A modality extension to the PyraLight which superpulses 40hz Gamma + 8hz Schumann + 2hz Delta through six LED (two 650nm Blue LEDs, two 550nm Green LEDs & two 400nm Blue LEDs) plasma lights, and high power still point phase conjugation hyperboloid magnetic fields for generating a powerful deep body meditative experience.

The PyraLight Nasal Laser—Another modality extension to the PyraLight—directs 650nm red laser light directly into the brain, through the thin nasal sinus bone, and into the neocortex, cortex, and thalamus at the center of the brain. This is the Cave of Brahman, where the pineal rests in the ventricles.

The PyraLight Nasal Laser directly charges the mitochondria in brain cells. The effect is energizing and very beneficial when done in bed, just before getting up in the morning.