• Beautiful, Boho style, quality essential oil diffuser. 4 time settings, 7 changing color lights.
  • Quality, small brass hanging incense holders that invoke a feeling of churches and temples. Perfect for our frankincense.
  • Nitirag is a high quality incense that burns smooth.

    We carry a wide assortment of incense choices.

    Please call to place your order and check availability of your choice of incense.

    • Hand crafted in India
    • Nitiraj natural ingredients incense sticks
    • A natural honey based incense
    • Slow burning, up to 1 hour per stick approximately
    • Ideally suited for meditation, relaxation, massage therapy, yoga, and space clearing in feng shui.
  • Quality incense from India. ¬†Assorted. ¬†15 grams weight.

  • Mugwort 2 Pack

    Mugwort is also a cleansing herb similar to sage.

    It has been used globally for centuries as a protector of homes as well.

    Only $20

  • Sage 2 Pack

    The only thing better than a stick of sage is 2 sticks!

    High quality sage, pleasantly packaged.

    Only $18

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