• Conscious Dream Circle

    Meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00.

    Did you know that we all Dream every night and we all Dream the future?

    Come learn how to interpret your Dreams and tap into a stream of consciousness that will help you create the life you want!  This is an ancient and sacred art that vis also fun!

     Relax as Master Dreamworker Susan Morgan leads you on a shamanic journey into a Dream via her drum.

  • Susan Morgan is a Master Trance Medium who specializes in connecting with the Departed and Unseen World.  Susan also does Animal Communication for both living pets as well and those that have passed.  She can also help you gain clarity with relationships and business endeavors. Due to the nature of her work, in that she goes into a trance, Susan only works in one hour increments. She limits her time spent in trance each week, so her schedule fills fast.  If you would like to book a Reading, just text her at 860 536-3050 for her current availability and to book your appointment.  Susan also works via phone, and that is the same quality and price as the in-person Readings. There is a small discount given to her long term clients back East.
  • In our Sunday Noon Meditations experience a better way to start your week, leaving all stress and concerns behind you.  An hour of meditation can truly reset your whole being towards more balance and health.  Judy is a trained Meditation Teacher who can lead you into deeper aspects of yourself that you can also practice during the week if you choose.

    This class is beneficial for both experienced and new Meditators.

  • Crystal Bowl Meditation with Gentle Yoga (75 min class)
    Enjoy the ultimate in zen with a Crystal Bowls Meditation played 'live', followed by some gentle yoga.
    Perfect for all levels to help melt away stress, ease pain and recovery from conditions/injuries, and renewing for the spirit.
    Great for beginners as an intro to both yoga and meditation.
    Come to move, meditate and allow the healing sounds of the Crystal Bowls to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything!
    No need to take part in the yoga or we also have chairs available for chair yoga.
    Available also as a LiveStream!
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    Get unlimited access to classes and workshops for the entire month!

    Sign up for a Membership Package and have full access for only $79 a month!

    Plus GOLD Members get discounts on in depth workshops and more!

    It is quick, easy and you will be on your way to increasing the health of your body, mind and spirit.

    Classes include Yoga, PiYo, Meditation Classes, Qigong, Tea Ceremonies, Dream Circles, Full Moon Drumming, New Moon Yoga and more.

    Some exclusions include Psychic Readings

  • Sale!


    Psychophysiological Stress Assessment by a Licensed Neuro Scientist

    The benefits of Neurofeedback Brain Mapping through

    Electroencephalography (EEG) indicate electrically active locations within the brain. With this information, we can see what areas are activated and which are not. Through analysis of your brain we can help create

    Virtual Reality Therapy Programs to heal:





    Sleep Problems


    and more...


    July 21, 22 & 23

    (Tues,Wed & Thurs)

    1:00 to 4:00   Fee: $150

    Limited to 6 Kids, so sign up fast to hold your spot!

    Parents, it’s been a tough couple of months for us, especially for our kids.

    Children are experiencing a lot of anxiety right now with recent global events and school closing early.

    How is your child’s emotional health doing?

    Are you looking to get your kids off of the couch and jumpstart their brains to get them ready for school?

    How about just getting them out of the house to have some fun and get them off of their electronics?

    Get ready for our new Kid’s Empowerment Camp- TRAIN LIKE A JEDI!

    Kids will learn how to use their body’s own responses to control everything from their minds to their emotions.

     They’ll learn how to better concentrate,

    focus and

    even move things with the power of their minds, literally!

    Using Neurofeedback, Brain Computer Interface and Clinical Mindful Meditation techniques,

    they will be able to improve themselves while using self regulation skills,

    together with state-of-the art Neurofeedback technology,

    trained by a top brain coach and master meditator!

    Children will learn to use their own “ Jedi Force” to

    increase their awareness and understand how to be calm and strong, instead of Reacting!

    Little Jedis from ages 5 to 12  welcome!

    Register by July 1

    Email: Susan@MysticDreamCenter.com or call 702 272-1319

    “A Better Brain, A Better You.”
    Note: Mystic Dream is dedicated to keeping our students and teachers safe and are doing multiple processes to keep our space clean. That said, please do not bring your child if they are feeling unwell or if anyone in your immediate household are displaying any Covid symptoms.  We are limiting the class size so that there is plenty of space between students. Thank you!
  • Sale!

    What Kind of Meditator Are You?

    JULY 14, 2020

    1:00 to 4:00 by appointment

    call 702 272-1319 to schedule

    We frequently hear that meditation can help with any number of mental health concerns.

    In general, the various types of meditation can be categorized into four basic “styles.” (Tarrant, 2017). Because each style has a different impact on the brain, there are specific implications for their ability to both positively and negatively influence mental health symptoms. Once we understand the four styles, it becomes much easier to identify which one(s) may be a good fit for each individual’s specific goals and needs.

    The four styles include Focus, Mindfulness, Open Heart, and Quiet Mind.