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Note:  This location is not the newest offering venue.  Check out the new date and location on the right. Register by calling 860 536-3050

Date to be announced (held in October in Nevada)

3 Saturdays 11:00 to 5:00 PM

Pre register required:860 536-3050

$395 early bird registration if paid by September 15th, ($444 thereafter)

Become a Certified Oracular Divination Practitioner!

Susan has offered this course for a number of years and the participants have had great success with the skills acquired!  The ability to ‘Divine’ is an ancient skill that was often reserved for only the Priests and Medicine People across cultures and time.  This is actually an art that most anyone can do when taught properly.

Participants will learn how to ‘read’ Tarot, I Ching, Bibliomancy, Scrying, Rocks, Sticks, Tea Leaf Reading, Pendulum and more.  Plus you will make your own Medicine Wheel!  

There will be many shamanic journeys via Susan’s drumming, so that you will also learn how to effectively shamanically journey to gather insight.

Everyone will get a FREE copy of my book: Oracular Divination; Multiple Systems of Divination

This is fun and fast paced.  

At registration more detailed information

will be provided.

Register HERE

Next Workshop

in OCTOBER and held in

Las Vegas!

Pre register by calling:

860 536-3050