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Shamanic Methods for

Understanding Dreams and More  

SUNDAY November 19th!

         11:00 to 5:00 PM  Fee: $133    Hampstead, NH

  Register Now to hold your spot!  860 536-3050 ( text or call)


                                             We know how the Indigenous Peoples of the North American Continent approached Dreams, because it was well recorded (however mockingly) in the 1600’s.  The Jesuit priests could not comprehend the opportunities that Dreams provided, as understood by the Native Americans. They knew we Dream the future, with the animals, elements and more.  It was integral to their lives, and still is. Many Native Americans knew how to access deeper layers of reality, and in doing so, were able to create lives that were balanced with creation around them.  The skills they used to accomplish this are called shamanic methods, and we are able to implement these methods now.  Nothing is really lost. Susan will also teach the Iroquoiuan Creation Story, along with the true story of Hiawatha; both of which are desperately needed in  our world today.  

Come learn how to access deeper levels of reality, work with your Dreams, strengthen the right side of your brain and more; an experiential workshop designed to empower.