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I have signed a lease and am opening a store in Henderson, Nevada this month called Mystic Dream. Why?  Because I am crazy.

No, really I was inspired by my Helpers in the Spirit World. I think of them as slave drivers right now. I can barely keep up at times, but I am taking on this project and hope to build a space that is helpful and profitable. A few people have offered to help me on ‘my mission’ since I have been in Nevada.  I reply the same~ I dont have a mission. Recently I was requested to hold my workshop Quantum Physics and Shamanism and was looking for a nearby space to rent for the day. I ‘heard’ to call a real estate agent and find a space of my own to rent.  I called (1) agent and looked at (1) space. I was not extremely enthusiastic so this was my level of effort.  I figured I would leave it to my Helpers to find me the spot. ( I am not normally this demanding of them) Before I had even completely formed the plan on how this could all happen, I was knee deep in paperwork and licenses.  I am now laying floor and painting walls. Gratefully, I have the help of my two sons and my friend Bob from Boston. Still.

I have not filled myself with enough mountain time. Or writing time. Or painting time.

These are temporarily on hold.

I did awake this morning feeling more energized and enthusiastic.

The front half of the store will have retail items like books, teas, candles, drums, rocks etc. The back half will hold Dream Circles, yoga, Buddhist meditation evenings, workshops and more.  I hope to run some Online Live classes too. I am looking to build a community of like minded people.

I will keep you updated as progress goes along.