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Mystic Dream Empowerment Series

The Empowerment Series offered by Mystic Dream are training programs in a variety of metaphysical skills.

Founder Susan Morgan sees an increasing need for quality classes that can empower an individual to help themself, as well as others.

Susan’s vision sets the Gold Standard on how to authentically connect with ancient healing ways.  Each class is fast paced and chock full of information as well as experiential. Class participants are trained in 3 ways:

  • How to be a skilled Practitioner of a specific healing art
  • How to work in a group setting
  • How to bring these healing arts to the community as a business


All three need to be developed.

What good is a skill if it is not shared? What good is the desire to help if you lack the tools to bring it to people?

Whether you are already practicing one of the healing arts we offer, or are brand new, everyone will find the classes useful.  Many people acquire certificates as if they are just collectors. Mystic Dream classes are designed to get you moving!

If you are a kindred soul who feels the Time is Now to bring your gifts to the world, then sign up for one or all of our classes!

Classes Currently Scheduled

Dream Teacher Training (May and June)

Crystal Bowl Training (July)

Shamanic Drumming Training (Aug)

Shamanic Spiritual Retreat (Sept)

Susan Morgan, owner of Mystic Dream, offers these intensive workshops so that other people can reach a higher potential.  Susan is unique in that she is a highly skilled Shamanic Practitioner in many Healing Arts, as well as a Group Leader, and successful business person in the Metaphysical Arts.  Susan has 20 plus years of a proven track record in all three. Susan has always been driven to help people, and now wants to reach more people via training others.