Kids Meditation is one of Mystic Dreams favorite classes and the kids love it too!  Each child learns how to quiet their mind and emotions, as well as feel connected in a group setting with other fun kids.

Each child learns how to make a crystal bowl sing, as well as has a turn at the gong in each Kids Meditation Class. The kids also take home a ‘power rock’ that they pick from a tray of rocks, as their reminder to stay focused on whatever goal they chose that week.

Society is seeing a distinct rise in anxiety and depression in our young people. Meditating is a proven method to help relieve this. Luckily we have the added bonus that children take to meditation very easily with remarkable results.

Occasionally, each child is able to lead the group in a meditation. This is very empowering for the child, and even shy kids have done this successfully due to the safe feeling nature of the class.

kids meditation flyer