Susan Morgan

Susan is the owner of Mystic Dream.  After 20 years of working as a Workshop leader, Spiritual Medium and Author on the East coast as well as in the Vegas area, she is now settled in Henderson and recently opened up Mystic Dream.  As with all babies, this has required a lot of her attention and focus, but it is a labor of love.

Creating a community of people dedicated to raising the happiness quotient and wellbeing of each other is a high calling, and she urges you to join in the fun!

Bob Edgett

Bob is Susan’s cohort and Helper Extraordinaire at Mystic Dream. Bob is the calm, soft spoken one in the center of what can seem like a flurry of activity. He keeps everything humming along smoothly.

Shalane Carter

“I am a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer who is no stranger to the energetic world. Growing up my mom always encouraged my to follow my intuition and higher calling, as I discovered my love of the human body that is exactly what I knew I was called to do. I am grateful to be given the opportunity in this lifetime to share my light and love with others!”

Ivonne Delaflor

Author, Life Mastery Mentor, Futurist, Rebirther ,Creator of the Transcendental Rebirthing System, A.H. sacred geometry, art , Producer of the LatinAmerican Network: Network for Human Empowerment, Creator of the Sheepless Life System, Co founder of the Sheepless Life Women Academy, Meditator since 12 , Initiated as a Swami in the Kriya Yoga Tradition , Womb Tea Ceremonies, and other traditions.

At the age of 17 IVONNE had a NDE that confirmed her path and commitment towards God Realization. She is a philanthropist, Mother of 3 and humanity lover.  

Ivonne donates her time at Mystic Dream as a way to help bring greater awareness and energy to everyone that can come to a class. She leads Sacred Tea Ceremonies as well as conducts in-depth workshops.

Svetlana Esposito

Svetlana was born in the Czech Republic and has been living in Las Vegas for over 5 years.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healer, Sound Therapist and is certified in teaching meditation.

Her journey as a healer started 15 years ago when she would volunteer in charitable organizations and doing charity work made her realize how much she enjoys helping people.  She has been working with clients for a few years now, using several healing modalities.

Come and experience her healing energy and guidance.

Svetlana runs the Kids Meditation Class, the Adult Meditation Class, Crystal Sounds Bowls Bath, and a monthly event she co runs with Instructor Don Vacca; Healing Meditation and Sound Bath.

Don Vacca

Don Vacca trained under and later assisted Byron Katie ( Author of The Work) for over 8 years.  He was encouraged to start his own practice and has a large following of people that can attest to his ability to bring greater healing to students. An hour class with Don keeps one in good shape for the upcoming week.

Don leads a weekly Heart Centered Healing Meditation on Sundays at noon for one hour, as well as a Sound Bath/Healing event that he co hosts with our Instructor Svetlana.

Dave Siegel

Dave is offering Qigong and Dowsing Classes. He has traveled the world and lived most recently in Finland and Poland. His interests include shamanism, lapidary, herbal medicine, and bushcraft. He also is never without his wonderful white husky mix doggie named Loki.

Daithi Dubh

Daithi is the man who makes the incredible drums that Mystic Dream carries. He is from Ireland ( moved recently) and he has all the charm that you would expect from an Irishman. A conversation with him is never quick and always fun. He will be creating more items for us and we eagerly await the rattles and smudge fans.


Wolfie is Mystic Dreams mascot and therapy dog. He is a Wolf hybrid, and is also Alaskan Malamute. He is the gentlest animal and the best representative for the Wolf Clan. He loves walks, belly rubs, and soft frozen yogurt. He also loves kids and is usually quietly meditating with the kids when they are here.