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In 2000, Mystic Dream founder Susan Morgan began hosting bi-annual weekend workshops with Robert Moss, the man who created “Active Dreaming” which is a technique for harvesting the gifts that Dreams give us every night.

Almost right from the get-go Susan started holding weekly Dream Circles from her (then) home in Mystic, CT.  Soon, she was holding monthly Dream Circles at The Dragons Egg in Ledyard, CT.

Friends Daniel Weaver and Lee Moore, upon seeing her enthusiasm for Dreams, put together a TV show: The Mystic Dream Show.  It was a one hour, LIVE, unscripted talk show focused on Dreams. This went on for over 4 yrs and Susan won the Comcast Award for Best TV Host one year. This was in part, due to the skills of Dan and Lee. Dan had won numerous Emmys for TV Talk Shows back in L.A. and Lee had been nominated 11 times (!) for an Emmy for Set Design for shows like The Price is Right and The Bold and the Beautiful. It was enormous fun while it lasted.

In 2010, Susan devoted herself to Mystic Dream Center fulltime.

Since then, Susan has worked throughout North America, holding dream circles and lectures at hospice groups, church groups, support groups, women’s treatment centers, recovery centers, libraries, colleges and more. Susan has taught thousands how to interpret their own Dreams and how to better navigate life with them. She has also published a number of books which include: The Power of Dream; Dream Tools for Navigating Life.

After a decade traveling and teaching dream work, January 2019 Susan opened a studio in Henderson Nevada; Mystic Dream. Mystic Dream is dedicated to enriching peoples lives, through various methods, by increasing self awareness and happiness. 

We can change the World, one Dream at at time.