Guided Meditations

For people new to meditation, a guided meditation is the easiest way to slow down your mind and deepen your awareness. We have trained people that can lead you into a safe and empowering meditation so you can be the best you.

Sacred Tea Ceremonies

It is hard to describe the happiness and peace of mind that comes from these Sacred Tea Ceremonies. They are led by the incomparable Ivonne Delaflor who has a global reach and desire to empower humanity. This is an hour or so dedicated to mindfulness and the sacredness that lives in the details of things; including water, tea, and community.  Each participant receives a rose.

Sound Bath Meditations

Sound is now being recognized as the Healer it can be. On the quantum level, everything is sound. When we are being washed in the melodic music of the crystal bowls, healing happens on all levels.

Kid’s Meditations

One of our favorites and the kids love it too!  Each child learns how to quiet their mind and emotions, as well as feel connected in a group setting with other fun kids.


Yoga is an ancient meditative art that means Union.  Our yoga classes focus on bringing union to your body, mind, and spirit so you can live a more optimal life.


A 5000-year-old art that uses gentle exercises, visualizations, meditation and breathing techniques to bring better balance to all aspects of life.


Is the name for a technique that uses Pilates and Yoga for an overall routine for fitness, strength building, and flexibility.  Taught by a Certified PiYo Instructor who adores her work.

Desert Rose Sophia Circle

Sophia is the ancient name for feminine wisdom. This group meets monthly to discuss the heavy duty stuff like Rudolf Steiner (Founder of the Waldorf School and Anthroposophy) and his work, among other luminaries. Led by a member of the Anthroposophic Society of America.

Shamanic Drumming

A shamanic understanding of life involves accessing dimensions that are usually unknown to most people.  We can all access deeper dimensions within ourselves and an effective way is through the heartbeat drumming of a trained shamanic practitioner.  Susan Morgan owns Mystic Dream and has led shamanic journeys for thousands of people for over 20 years.

Dream Circles

Susan Morgan is a Master Dreamworker, author of The Power of Dreams, and has led people for more than 20 years in Dream Circles.  Come learn how to navigate your life by a deeper understanding of your dreams.

Introduction into Ayurvedic Understanding

Designed for those new to Ayurveda.  Each attendee will learn their dosha type and strategies for self-care. The instructor is Chopra Center Certified.