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In our country, we have 22 suicides a day from our Veterans. A day! Every 65 minutes. ( this is a conservative number by the way)

This does not include the number of Vets who are depressed and lack joy in their lives. Stress is understood as an emotional condition when someone does not feel they have choices. What if we could empower soldiers returning home with the knowledge they do have choices and also they can create a fulfilling life for themselves?

The programs currently in place for this are not doing enough. Our disturbing suicide statistics confirm this.

But there are ancient ways, that we can learn to adopt/adapt into our modern lives, that bring a greater sense of purpose and opportunity.

We can also deal with stress at a deeper level. How? Throughout the ancient art of Dreamwork.

By the simple ( or so it seems) ability to pay attention to our sleep Dreams, we can glean an enormous amount of information including our emotional states, our stress levels, ideas for creating a better life, information on what is holding us back and more.

These are learnable skills that anyone can benefit from, but especially so, for people that have lost the ability to navigate their own life in a positive direction.


Many Vets suffer from PTSD and Dreamwork is a perfect partner to bring relief to this condition as well.


Some facts from PBS.org: ● Experts estimate that the total monetary cost for the U.S. — including long­term veterans care — of the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan may eventually total as much as $4 trillion. ● 73.4 percent of all U.S. veterans have a VA service­ connected disability rating. ● Almost 5 percent of veterans today were retired from the military before the age of 35. ● Almost 60 percent of veterans who were retired from the military in 2012 due to a service ­connected disability were under the age of 35. ● 33 = the average age of an enlisted soldier who was retired from the military due to injury or disability in 2012. ● Every 65 minutes, a military veteran commits suicide. ● 22 military veterans commit suicide every day. ● 31 percent of these suicides were veterans aged 49 and younger. ● Every month nearly 1,000 veterans attempt to take their own lives. That’s more than one attempt every half hour. ● Suicides among active duty personnel almost equal one per day, or 349 per year. ● The Veterans Crisis Line has answered more than 890,000 calls and made more than 30,000 life­saving rescues since its launch in 2007. ● The number of active duty suicides in 2012 surpassed not only the number of American troops killed in Afghanistan but also the number who died in transportation accidents in 2012. ● More United States troops have died from suicide than have been killed in Afghanistan since 2001. ● 8.31 percent of all active duty suicides in 2011 were officers. ● About 7­8% of the population will have PTSD at some point in their lives. ● In 2010, the Army gave a diagnosis of post ­traumatic stress disorder to 10,756 troops, up from 4,967 in 2005.

● The Department of Veterans Affairs spent more than $5 billion on mental ­health services in 2011.

Consider this: We all Dream every night, whether we remember our Dreams or not. We all have Dreams of the future. Better understood as a probable future. If we do not like what we see, we can take positive action in our waking life to amend our own future. The benefits of Dreamwork are many, including:


Increased sense of well being

Increased creativity

Decreased stress

Better sleep

Greater productivity

Reduced depression

A renewed sense of purpose


The Mystic Dream Center is a 501C non profit established in 2000, dedicated to teaching these skills of empowerment to people that feel disempowered. Founder Susan Morgan is actively teaching Dreamwork on a National level but is looking for funding to train new people to help deliver Dreamwork to many more people. The number of soldiers returning home and feeling unsupported, is staggering and we need many people skilled in this art to reach them.

Please consider helping this worthy and overdue cause!