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A 5 day program designed to bring greater self awareness, leading to higher success rates, for people serious about their recovery.

Dreamwork, and the understanding of our sleep dreams, yields immense growth and brings a mirror to the truth of who we are and what we are doing.  For many people, reality is often varying degrees of denial, for which the addict is commonly inclined toward. Dreamwork is the perfect vehicle to accurately inform the individual of their strengths and challenges.  Dreams often give the best remedy as well, when we are skilled in interpreting their meaning.

In this 5 part series participants will:

  • Become skilled in interpreting their own sleep dreams
  • Create a specifically designed journal for tracking dreams and life’s progress
  • Recognize their own language of metaphor and symbolism
  • Use Dreamwork to create new paths and goals
  • Support others in a group setting of dream sharing
  • Develop verbal skills that increase a respect and boundaries of others
  • Learn how to meditate to access deeper levels of awareness that both inform, and also calm the individual.
  • Connect authentically with the Higher Self
  • Learn the difference between linear and nonlinear activity.  The addict is attracted to non linear activities.  Participants will learn how to generate healthy non linear activity and thus find satisfaction in new ways.
  • Grow a useful and lifelong skill that can be used for multiple purposes including achieving life goals, healing relationships and growing a dialogue with one’s Soul.

This series is not developed through intellectual pursuit, but rather developing healthy methods for connecting with one’s heart. This is true empowerment.