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Dream Circles


A Dream Circle is just what it sounds like; a place where people can gather in a circle and share Dreams. This is an age old activity that somehow was lost over the past century or so. The benefits of sitting in a circle are many that include:

  • Generates a feeling of community
  • No one person is leading per se but everyone is valued and respected
  • Circles create a sense of safety
  • Everyone is easily heard, both emotionally and physically

Now we combine that with Dreamwork:

  • Sharing a Dream is easier to share and easier to hear
  • A Circle encourages the Dreamer to be the authority of their Dream as the Circle removes hierarchy.
  • Sharing a Dream can feel vulnerable and a Circle helps balance and support that.


The Benefits of Dreamwork include:

  • Better sleep
  • Better memory
  • A lessening of stress as we come to realize we have more control over our waking life
  • Healing past traumas and wounds
  • Clarity on our future
  • Greater awareness of ourself
  • A visual dialog with our Soul
  • Greater creativity and much more!