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Dream Teacher Training Nuts and Bolts






In response to current challenges in society, especially for our youth, Susan Morgan is determined and dedicated to bringing Dream Circles to more people. Recognizing the benefits of Dreamwork, will reach more people, if there are more quality trained Teachers, is what has inspired Susan to make the time to train people now.


When: Sundays  10-5 PST  (1:00 -8:00 EST) 

May 2, May 16, June 6 and June 13

A half hour break will be available, as well as a few 10 min breaks.


What if I have to miss a class?

Each class will be taped and available for viewing for 30 days. It is your responsibility to attend each class to become certified.


Are you planning to run this course again soon?

Nothing is in the works right now.  The focus for the near future, after the Training, will be on implementing the programs so they gain traction.


What if I just want to take the course and not seek working with the public in holding Dream Circles?

This is not the course for you then.  Susan Morgan may offer a course more suitable for individual Dreamwork exploration, but right now is focusing her limited time on creating Dream Teachers.


Will there be follow up information from time to time? Will we will become a ‘group’ of Dream Teachers?

Yes. There will be an email group created. Also, a Facebook Group is created. You can be a support for each other and share ideas. Also, as more opportunities open, the Teachers will be updated so they can grow their practice.


What if I fail to get a Dream Circle off and running?

You wont. The only factor will be how big you choose to create your Dream Circles.  Mystic Dream is not guaranteeing your success but is guaranteeing your training, and giving you options for you to go after, to create your own Dream Circles as a business. Your success means Susan Morgan has invested her time well.


Will I make money holding Dream Circles?

Yes. Any Dream Circles that Mystic Dream has professionally arranged for you will include financial compensation both for the Teacher and Mystic Dream.  Mystic Dream has hired the services of sales and marketing people that will pursue clients primarily in the Henderson area but that may also grow to include other states. Mystic Dream needs quality trained Teachers to fill these openings as Susan can only work so much.  Any Dream Circles that you arrange on your own, you receive 100% of the money.  You are also able to offer free Dream Circles if you choose to do so.



In Person at Mystic Dream in Henderson, Nevada

Virtually: Via Zoom. Links will be sent just prior to class. Both In-person and virtual students will be trained simultaneously.


What Do I Need?

You need a fire in your belly that you want to make a positive difference in the world right now.

You also need a drum. Mystic Dream sells drums or you can purchase your own if you do not have one yet.


How Do I Pay?

Via credit card. Call 702 272-1319 and we can take your payment over the phone.


Do I Get a Certificate?



After I successfully complete the course can I use you as a reference?

Happily!  You will also be added to a growing link of Teachers on Mystic Dream’s website.


How much is this investment?

Only $695.  Mystic Dream is keeping this very affordable, so that every one that wants to do this, can.