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Come immerse yourself in a relaxing environment, away from the stresses of everyday life.

We all could use a break right?


We created a sacred space that will refresh and rebalance you.

Whether you need this once a month or a couple of times a week, we got you!

The room has a Far Infrared Amethyst Natural Crystal Heat Mat on a massage table that combines Far Infrared Heating+Negative ion+Hot Stone advantages of 7 kinds of gemstones.

When the mat is heated, it generates a constant stream of heat that surrounds you and releases  far infrared and negative ions.  This leaves you feeling uplifted and more positive, as well as helping with everyday aches and pains.

The gemstones are: Yellow Agate,Obsidian,Turquoise,Red Agate, Turquoise, Adventurine,

with 90% Amethyst!  


You can enhance your wellness and mental health break with some added options:


  • Custom Aromatherapy: Custom curated essential oil  blends diffused lightly to bring greater balance
  • Iced Eye Mask: To help relieve stress from too much thinking, helps with migraines as well as reduces puffiness
  • A Choice of Relaxing Sounds
  • Choices for inspiring meditation videos.


You can pre buy a group of 10 sessions and get one Free!

Now let’s get to feeling happier and more optimistic about what we can create in our lives!

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