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My friend Daniel Weaver has passed.

With his passing I lost a friend who always supported me and my work.  He was the most encouraging, self-less giver I knew.  He was my biggest fan, and always let me know this.  He saw in me, gifts I had never considered.  He loved me.  I loved him. He was the big brother I needed.

Upon notice of his early departure from this Earth; close to a hundred other people said the same thing.  People from all over the country!  How can this be?  How could he have been all this to so many, will always be a mystery, but I suspect Love can accomplish feats like this.

His husband, and also a dear friend to me, sent me this picture of us from years ago.  He is going to share it, amongst many pictures, at Daniels Memorial Service.

I see myself as a very lucky woman in this picture.  First of all, I am with 4 handsome and wonderful men.  They are from left: Frank Facchini ( the director of Southeast Cable TV), Ellis Bradley ( a confidant of the Elders of most Indigenous Tribes on this continent as well as the Kogi, and was a Guest on the show that day), me, Daniel Weaver ( co host and Producer of The Mystic Dream Show), and Lee Moore ( Daniels husband and also the Director of The Mystic Dream Show).

Back in 2000-ish, it was Daniels idea to create a TV show featuring me and Dreamwork.  He was the co host and we would discuss a variety of topics for 10 mins prior to the guest portion of the show. To put this in perspective Daniel had won numerous Emmy’s for talk shows when he lived in LA.  Lee had been nominated 11 times for Best Set Design!  These guys had talent!

But more than that, they had heart.  And their hearts wanted to share their gifts with me, with no monetary gain. Now your getting the picture of how lucky I was!

But wait…because in this picture I am being gifted my Kogi Medicine stick from Ellis Bradley. This is a stick I have at all my Dream Circles that was prayed over, Every Day for 20 years, after the sacred Behu tree had died.  Prayed over by a Kogi.  If you dont know who the Kogi are, you want to know.  Check this out 

These sticks had been sent to this continent from the Elder Brothers ( Medicine People) to us ( North American Continent) whom they refer to as ‘Younger Brother’. Their goal was to gift these sticks to the Indigenous Elders of many different tribes here, who would know what to do with the sticks with their own tribal members  to bring healing on the Earth.

But they were taken by Customs Officers in Florida, who suspected they might be drugs, and placed in a locker for 16 years.

Then one day a man ( who I suspect was a Virgo, under a Virgo Moon) decided to clean out that locker and realized they were not drugs.  But, who now to give them too?

He came across Ellis Bradley’s information.  Ellis knows well the Hopi, Iroquois, Abenaki, and many more Elders.  He knows the Dali Lama. Ellis is a bit of a hermit and you cant find him, ever.  But he can find you if he wants.  Anyways, they gave them to Ellis and he gifted me one.  It is a Dream Stick.  Perhaps I will write more about this someday, but not now.

Ask yourself; what power would a stick that was prayed over every day for 20 years by Medicine People hold?

I am very lucky, and this picture of a sweet memory is proof.