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Quantum Neurofeedback

Virtual Reality Meets Spirituality

Are you ready to jump from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0?

Are you, or someone you know, challenged with anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, PTSD, or even apathy to life?

Meditation is a proven method to help with all of these symptoms, but for most people, meditation seems like a difficult methodology.

There are new methods to enhance your awareness and consciousness that are not classic meditation techniques.


The science of Virtual Reality Therapy, Bio Feedback and NeuroFeedback has exploded recently and it is now time for society to catch up with what is possible for their personal growth and happiness.


Imagine your future being free from debilitating conditions that affect your everyday life.

Imagine being free from medications.

Imagine the freedom and sense of peace that can come from improving your ability to concentrate and focus, be emotionally stable, interact with others and sleep soundly.

Imagine being able to reduce your fears, anxiety, work stress, improve your efficiency and productivity, gain mindfulness and even enhance performance to be: “In the zone.”

VRT ( Virtual Reality Therapy) can make what you see in your imagination, a reality!


The Owner of Mystic Dream, Susan Morgan has been fascinated with consciousness and what is possible with it, since she was a young teen. It is from working in a variety of ways with her own consciousness that she was able to grow her awareness.  So much so, that communicating with the Departed was a natural result. ( dont worry, taking these courses will not set you up for speaking with the departed.  Susan has worked for more that 40 years meditating etc)

But what you will gain is the ability to manage your body and emotions better.  You will be able to bring your heart and mind into resonance. You will be able to reduce your anxiety and improve sleep.  All this and more without any additional medication! Plus, it is fun!

At Mystic Dream has teamed up with Virtual Reality Health Clinic of Las Vegas to deliver custom guided meditations that include exploring life from a more spiritual perspective during your VRT experience.  Perhaps you want to find your Guardian Angel, Totem Spirit Animal, Find Your Life Purpose, or Refresh Your Soul and many more spirit based goals. We know that just helping the body will not bring sustained health unless our spirit and soul are also engaged.  Susan Morgan leads the VRT Meditation.  Susan is recognized as a Medicine Woman, whose name is Wambli Pejuta Win, which in Lakota means, Eagle Medicine Woman. Let us help you bridge ancient healing modalities with modern technology so you too can be a Human 2.0.

Mystic Dream is happy to offer packages so you can dive deep (and get a discounted rate in doing so) and grow your self and life in ways you did not think possible.