Blue Ray Healer

Mujin Choi

World Renowned Frequency vibration energy sound healer /Magnetic energy healer/Chakra master/ Bio Telekinesis/Telepathic Healer
Mujin Choi, is the founder of Blue Ray Healing
Mujin Choi works has emerged from. decades of following his soul.
It has included many spiritual initiations, deep personal work, and he has administered thousands of sessions in that time
and helped many with their health issues.
Mujin Choi specialize in pain, cancer, tumors, blood disorders, asthma, Sciatica, deadly virus, coma patients,
HIV, deep heavy chest pain, heart issues, liver issues lung issues, arthritis, depression, headaches, and many more health issues and Mujin help awaken intuitive, creative, and spiritual gifts, move stuck energy, ground spiritual energy into the body, and balance and clear chakras,
activates 3rd eye chakra and pineal gland.

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(Unedited though names have been removed)

Several months ago I had a CAT scan which showed a 2.2cm cancerous growth on my right kidney. I immediately contacted Mujin and he treated me for 5 consecutive days, then I had an MRI which showed that the tumor was no longer cancerous and was just a harmless cyst. I continued working with Mujin for 5 more sessions and was then given an ultrasound by the doctors who wanted to confirm the MRI findings. This time, not only was the cancer gone but the cyst had diminished in size to 1.6 cm!
The doctors are confused by the results and are giving me yet another ultrasound in January but in the meantime I would like to thank Mujin sincerely because I credit the transformation to his healing abilities and am extremely grateful to him for all his help.
First of all ide tike to thank mujin choi and the blue �� being s for helping me heal and grow as a person. I have been working with mujin for about a 3 month. I have cml, its chronic my loid leukemia. The pain has been brutal…….it took me awhile to realize how significant consistency in listening to the sessions has been. A few weeks ago I became very sick, my white count went crazy, rose to 400,000…..not good �� a healthy person s white count is supposed to b approximately 3000…..well I called mujin about 10 days ago to start the sessions again. I did start a chemo pill with my oncologist that really is poison, but between 3 sessions a day with mujin and the chemo ,my white count dropped 100,000 points in 5 days… I also found out that my blood type is now A-,I know my whole life its been type O- . I did a session probably 3 months ago for a DNA activation with mujin. I believe mujin and the blue being s helped me by switching my blood type ,so I can fight this leukemia.. amazing, my drs looked at me like im crazy wen I asked them how my blood type changed. I have to say in the last 3 days my mind set has totally changed to a more positive outlook. Im eternally grateful for mujin and the blue �� beings for helping me…….my pain has subsided immensely n I even sleep better and dream deeply!!!thank u again dear friend for taking do much of your personal time to help me!!! Im exited for the time �� I can stop the chemo and live a better quality of life. Also wen divine timing has me scheduled, ide like to become a blue �� reiki healer much love to all who are suffering, please b consist in listening to mujin,he’s the real deal! He will help change your life for the better. Thank u again mujin and blue �� beings for all your selfless help
My name is Candy Santos. And I live in a trailer park in Salt Lake City. my boyfriend who was an alcoholic took off soon as he found out I was pregnant. I became depressed and started to drink. My son was born with spina bifida which left half of his body paralyzed. It was my fault and I felt so guilty for what I’ve done. my son has lot of pain because of spine and also got diagnosed with Leukemia . But because I didn’t have any money or insurance the doctors said there was nothing they could do. I felt so hopeless and guilty. For the first time in my life I prayed to God for months. Then all of a sudden my friend Deborah called. She met Mujin at Walmart. She couldn’t get out of the Walmart door. She was stuck because of sciatica . Then all of a sudden someone came behind her and touched her back. Later, he healed her in the parking lot . Deborah told Mujin about my son and she gave him my phone number. He called me at 5pm and at 6pm he came to my house. Mujin went to my son’s room and healed my son. My son told me that his pain disappeared. For another 5 minutes he did something again to heal his leukemia and my son didn’t feel any symptoms anymore. We went to the doctor week later and the doctor told us that he didn’t have leukemia anymore. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my prayers have been answered. The doctor told us that God sent me an angel to heal my son because he heard my prayers. I am so thankful for Mujin and I can’t express how much he has changed my son’s life. God send Mujin to heal my son. He is an angel. Thank you Mujin.

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testimonial Facebook friend
my husband is inn the icu
brain trauma lung trauma
broken neck he has bleeding and swelling in his brain
popped lungs one is full of air and the other blood
they said he’s extremely sick and its touch n go he was hit by a truck that was going 90mph
After the telepathic healing
his progress is amazing!!!!!!! thank u he can now anwser me be wiggling his toes for yes this morning he woke on his own even when he was sedated and stayed alert with me for 50 mins!!!! thank for doing this plz plz contine
Amazing!!!! the neurologist is very pleased and says he is progressing fast!:)
Vaccine injuries
Thank you so much for the powerful healing sessions Mujin. Healing sessions have really helped me with the bad reaction I experienced after the vaccine, which included fainting episodes, severe nausea, very low blood pressure, joint pain, headache/pressure in my head, fever and feeling very weak. It was really scary and I am so grateful to be improving now. Thank you for the healing and also for your kindness. I’m really grateful. ����
I have known Mujin for quite some time now, at first I reached out for group healing sessions, and a couple one on one sessions, and through those sessions I started healing, and feeling more and more energy surging through me, and after a week or so, I started realizing just how amazing Mujin’s sessions help heal… But the bigger picture, is I am a healer and Mujin’s sessions really help you step into the light force stream. Universal life force energy stream and not only has it helped the healing sessions I provide, but it has helped me become a stronger healer in channeler Mujin is a grand healer, he helps heal the healers and raise them to new heights in there path. Take his hand and allow him to walk you into the life force energy stream, do not look back, heal and be healed.. But most important the stronger you will your divine birthright of healing, the more you open up to your greatness… We are all healers by birthright, take your rights back and walk into infinite possibilities of a beautiful life… Healer of the healers that’s our walk… Thank you Mujin Choi you truly are an amazing soul.

I was in desperate need of help this morning so I reached out to Mujin Choi. He immediately responded to me and worked me in within an hour. He was so kind and understanding. He helped me to visualize,focus and breathe as he worked to remove an entity from my shoulder that has been causing me a great deal of pain. The entity began to resist and hide from him. He the told the entity to leave now or he would use a sword. I then felt a popping sensation come out of my arm and I knew that it had left my body. I am a little sore now but I will definitely take that over the intense pain that I have been in for the past few weeks. Master Mujin is the real thing and a wonderful healer. I am so grateful for him and I highly recommend him.

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Hello, sweet people. I had met Mujin Choi în a page of Facebook when I had the must need of help; a lady writes me that Mujin Choi can help you. So I contact Mujin Choi telling him that my sister în law its în coma and she is going to die. I send to him a video and în next few minutes he starts healing her and guesses what? He took her out of the coma in few minutes, and now she starts to talk and to move the hands. I never met a person with such a power as mujin choi to do so many healing to people from distance în telepathic way. His power its unique. Thank you Mujin Choi for all good things you done to me and my friends. God bless you. Namaste
I used to be a Meth addict for almost 25years. I function d and hid it well..I tried to quit over and over and just couldn’t get over the hump of the first 3 days. I couldn’t go without it for more then 2 days without having bad withdrawals.. (this may be a little long so FYI)my body stiffened, my lower back aches, my fingers couldn’t bend and I struggled to wake up or stay awake and started anxiety/panic attacks.. constantly…those seemed to be the worst. I know I was slowly killing myself and I didn’t see any way out of the situation. I truly hated it and all the things that came with it. I have kids,but they are grown now.. and I couldn’t tell anyone. I told my doctor, but it seemed that she had so many patients that I was just a number and forgot about me when I leave her office. Things started happening to me that comes with age but I knew that this addiction was a big secret factor… And something that I thought I was going to take to my grave with me. I thought of turning to Mujin and the Beautiful Blueray friends often and I’ve been following him over a year now and have seen the Healings and Amazing work that they have done for people but I kept procrastinating.. UNTIL… I had another situation arises.. a bad tooth problem that was hitting my nerve in my jaw.. the pain started to take over my breathing .. I remember it being around 4am or so and messaged him about being in pain.. he called me back IMMEDIATELY.. I knew already what I was to do because he had worked on my Special needs son the year before . I put the phone to the side where there was pain.. I laid down and tried to control my thoughts and breathing.. he did his thing.. and by the time we hung up, 10 min later.. I was sleeping. And now, my tooth was acting up again.. a few months later.. but I know the core of these problems were because of the Meth. I have no dental and the ER said that they can just give pain meds. My Blood pressure was crazy, my diabetes was going to give me a problem in healing.. I finally called Mujin.. I told him everything as fast as I could in one sentence because if youve spoken to Mujin, you know he’s so busy that I didn’t want to take up his time with helping people and he talks fast and it was like 2am. This time, I laid there with my eyes closed, focusing on his voice, and listening to the sound, I was so freaked out in my own pain that I didn’t realize that my breathing was calming down. With my eyes closed, I saw shapes at first,like when you spill paint .. then my toes tingled, and the shapes became 2 shapes, my forehead started to heat up.. I still focused on his sound.. my pain was subsiding again, with my left hand I reached out to these 2 forms and then it became one leaning over me on my left side.. I wasn’t afraid, (which I’m normally afraid of my own shadow sometimes).. lol.. I Felt like a blob was being pulled out of me and at that same time he said that he could see the darkness coming out and asked if I felt my light shining again.. and at that second all I could answer was “yes, I do”..and I couldn’t believe that I was physically reaching to touch this that was standing on my left side …then I thought .. I better not.. what if it’s Mujin.. and I’m getting touchy’m joking)…but it was true. .so I put my hand down.. but that’s when on the top right side while my eyes were closed, was a burst of light like the sun shining down.. but just for a few seconds.. it was AMAZING.. ..he then told me to go to sleep and stay there .. I was asleep like in 2 minutes… It’s been 1 week now that I haven’t touched Meth.. I didn’t have the withdrawal that I was so afraid of going thru again.. no body aches, no joint pains, no lower back problems.. I did have a bit of Anxiety/panic problems.. he called me right away and BAMB.I don’t feel it anymore since he called. He always called me right away when I contacted him, he called me to check on me.. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL to Mujin and all of the Blueray friends who is trying to help heal Humanity and our World.. We need to do Our Part as Well… and there is no amount of money that is enough to be given the chance to have your life back and to have a 2nd chance.. I’m in no pain, no anxiety,no panic, no crave for Meth, no withdrawals, no nerve pain in my jaw..just LOVE, RESPECT, ADMIRATION, FRIENDSHIP…

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My son is 2 and was born with nerve damage on his spine .Both his legs are paralyzed. None of his medical treatments at the hospital would work. My friend owner of harmonizing health retreat introduced me to Mujin. He came over to my house and I witnessed a miracle. Mujin put his hand on my son’s spine. i think he felt the tingling sensation through his body and suddenly his legs started move.He gained control and feeling on his legs and now he can move his legs. I can’t believe I witnessed such a miracle. However, my son still couldn’t urinate by himself. we have to use a pump to pump his urine out. Mujin came over again, and did another miracle. He put his hand on my son’s stomach and now my son can urinate by himself.. The doctors said it was impossible and that he would never move his legs and urinate by himself. When they saw my son, they were completely shocked. They couldn’t even explain what happened to him. I’m so overwhelmed and thankful. I can’t believe what happened to my son. Mujin has a wonderful gift from God and no words can describe how much he change my son’s life. I didn’t believe in until I saw what Mujin did to my son.
Thank you Mujin.

Testimonial for Mujin! Mujin has helped me countless times with everything from saving me from trips in an ambulance to helping me attend my own wedding ( had a strong seizure just before my wedding day and we were all afraid I wouldnt make it but thanks to Mujin , I did ! 🙏 ) to healing on a regular basis to be able cope with my serious medical conditions . I unfortunately suffered a psychic attack while staying in a very old building , rather nasty one . I asked Mujin for help yesterday and as usual a few arcturians, a pleidian came to help but also an angel and to my surprise , at a distance , A Grey . Mujin used his sword several times , which made me shake and my whole body burn . As the very strong negative energy was removed the arcturians ordered Grey to take the negative energy. This was an unusual experience . Mujin put a status up yesterday about sharpening his sword, well he made very good use of !!! Thank you Mujin 🙏🙏

My gift is my dreams and visions…. I’m a lucid dreamer most nights but I also experience precogs, premonitions, visions of past present and future and things that are happening beyond this earth matrix!

I’ve often been to different places, planets, dimensions where I’ve witnessed battles between good n evil and Mujin always turns up on his own on a motorbike and even after battle when the angels leave as a group, Mujin gets on his motorbike and leaves on his own going his own path!

He always carries 2 long swords that are criss crossed ⚔️ and harnessed on his back, he seems to be a master in some kind of martial art sword fighting and when he goes into battle he pulls the swords ⚔️ out and starts chopping demonic heads everywhere…… it’s real bad ass!!!!! 😎

He looks very much the same with facial features and long hair but appears to be more Native American rather than Asian. He has a great sense of humor but usually when I see him on the battlefield he’s very serious and no mucking around he just wants to get in do his job and get out….. he’s very stealthy and is good at going thru these locations undetected by the enemy!

As soon as the battle is over he puts his swords back into their harness on his back, jumps on his motorbike alone and rides off into the sunset! He’s a lone wolf warrior 💪

Thank you Mujin for all that you have done for me….. I truly feel blessed to have met u in this Earth matrix and privileged to have met you/your higher self outside of this Matrix also!

God bless 🙏♥️😇

Ps: you are always rushing in other dimensions as well….. rushing to do as much good work as possible! Sometimes for your own sake, take time 

On March 15, 2019 I came home form work to find my dog Oliver lifeless, I panicked and called my vet on his cell he told me to get in my car and drive to the clinic. When I got there they were all waiting and they took Oliver into emergency room. I waited patiently hoping for the best and finally a while later I was told he had fluid in the sac around his heart and they need to drain it to find out if it was clear or blood. Blood would not be good news…and so it was blood. I took a deep breath and tried not to break down. After they finished with him I was told to keep an eye on him as the sac would no doubt refill it self with blood in no time which meant cancer. I came home and broke down in a separate room from all of my dogs and I have four(all rescue). The next day Oliver was not feeling much better even with the pain killers. My friend Susan Arum reached out and said you need to contact Mujin Choi…I did and the next day Oliver was like nothing had happened? I was beside my self. We had an appointment with the vet on the following Monday to check the heart and the sac…looks good! Then he started to cough again 3 days later and Mujin worked on him every day and some days twice a day…Today we saw the vet again and the vet gave him a GOOD to go bill and I cried again while Oliver barked in joy!!! Today was the best day ever and I know we have to keep going and Mujin is on board without question. Without Mujin my tears would have been without a bark…THANK YOU from the bottom of my soul for your kindness and LOVE toward others… With respect, Jasmine from Canada !

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I have a true and lovely story to share with you and all who are blessed to come to know Mujin Choi and his stunning gift of energy healing. You see I have a few disabilities. They prevent me from doing many common things in life. 15 years ago I broke my neck on my honeymoon. Which of course put me through neck surgery and brain surgery for a tumor as well. Things are difficult at times but I strive to be healthy and holistic in caring for my body. Well, 3 years back I began choking on something in my throat. But doctors would not diagnose me because the insurance did not want to pay for the care which I was in need of. 9 months back my voice began to change. I became very hoarse. My throat was painful. What was in my throat was now choking me and stopping me from breathing at night. I was becoming scared for my health. The hospital had to do an MRI scan of my neck because I fell and was injured. They had to be certain I had not broken my neck bones more. That is when they found it. On the MRI’s was 2 large masses. With black marks which they were concerned could be cancer. My throat was closing off. It was caused by a boney protrusion from my old neck fusion. It caused scarring. Which became irritated. Which caused the masses to grow. First to the back of my throat which caused the second mass to the front of my throat. Part of me was relieved they finally told me what was going on. This was followed by concern what another surgery could or would do. I told my dear friend Rev. E’layna Nightingale – Warren what was happening. She invited me to her retreat on April 2nd 2015 just before my ENT appointment’s up at OHSU Portland Oregon hospital. Mujin greeted me and got right to work. He listened to me as I told him what and where things hurt. As he was working on my throat area there was a very strong pulling around my voice box. It felt like my throat was flexing. I kept pulling even after the healing session. Mujin told me things were working and healing because the pulling was how it manifested itself. Which was amazing. I felt great! I was calm and back into my joking self. So on April 9th. 2015 I headed up to OHSU. I first went in for a barium swallow test. Which was not to bad. Then down to the ENT where they tested my voice and ran a tiny scope in my nose and down my throat for a look see at things. Now here is where things become amazing. The doctor went and got my MRI’s from not more than 3 weeks old. he pulled them up so I could see them. Then he pulled up the work they had just done that morning. There were no masses at all! The doctor told me he looked real carefully but the masses just do not show up anymore. They could see my voice box had been under strain but they could not see why since there was no more masses. So they set me up with voice therapy to help me regain vocal control. But as for anything wrong, nothing was there. If it was not for the MRI’s they would not of had any idea why I was there at all! I owe much gratitude for the skills and techniques of Mujin Choi. He healed my throat and saved me from another surgery! God bless and keep you Mujin! Please teach your skills and lets heal the World!
Hi there friends In 2015 I was diagnosed with parateneal cancer stage 4. They had told me I had 3 months to live. I met mujin early 2016. He helped me tremendously. Now about 3 months ago the tumour grew back to 22 centimetres. After one treatment with mujin i dont feel the tumour and severe pain in my stomach left. I also had low platelets which caused my heart to pound out of my chest and I could hear it in my ears real loud. This is almost completely gone. Mujin has been treating me daily for 2 weeks. Its truly amazing how much better I feel. I go for a CT Scan in 2 months. I already feel and see the huge difference in my belly. I cant thank Mujin enough. My advice to all of you is if you’re I’ll with anything……. call him!!!! Hes a true angel. Thank you a thousand times Mujin. I love you so very much. 😘💙💙💙
telepathic sessions stage 4 breast cancer

Ann Lee Good morning! Just wanted to share that all went well with my doctor apt. Blood panel perfect, tumor markers all normal. Scan set for first week of September. Doc said keep doing what you’re doing! Endless gratitude for working on me with your healing energy

Testimonial for Mujin! Last week in the evening , my 19 year old son suddenly took very ill, he was writhing in extreme pain ( have never seen him in this kind of pain ). We had no time to loose , my husband called an ambulance and I quickly got one of Mujins frequency sound videos up and held it close to my son . ( I thought I would try the video first and if needed,call Mujin ) . Within 4-5 minutes my son stopped writhing around and his body became still and by the the time the paramedics arrived he had improved quite a bit. He had to go to hospital for observation but was able to come home the next day . His words after was ” that video was the only thing helping ” and he kept on repeating the video every time it stopped . So once again, Mujin has helped me and my family . Thank you very much . Blessings 🙏🙏
10 mins of frequency sound healing

Liz Spark I’m astonished at a healing from Mujin today. Let me share how I was in pain since my right side was off balance or how to say my right foot and right knee did not line up. Somehow the areas got warm, the foot bone shifted back to regular and fear disappeared before my eyes. Somehow my right knee got to sit back on top of the shin thank goodness, or THANK MUJIN! When I stood up I could once again stand on my foot with the leg aligned. Great reverence, humility, praises, blessings, believer thanks to you Mujin . It’s amazing simply amazing.✨🙏🕯️💓 I can literally walk right again!

chemical induced coma with congestive heart failure.

D.j. MethodThank you so very much Mujin, this first session left me absolutely amazed. Before I called you, my sister wasn’t very responsive to the doctors or any of my family members, after calling you and doing as you instructed. My sister made a lot of progress, her eyes opened, a lot of body movements from her arms head, chest, neck and head. Cognitive eye response to right left ear stimulation, she also looked down at her chest when you were sending energy and light. I felt a lot of energy and light during this session and I could feel it all around the room and my sister responded and gripped my hand. It left me with goosebumps and I feel very energized by the whole experience. Mujin you truly are the real deal and I thank you. Talk to you tomorrow. Namaste 🙏

Tulay Tetik‎  · A few weeks ago, I asked help for this beautiful baby who was hospitalized in Iran and suffering badly from leukemia. Mujin Choi got in contact with her three times. Three days ago I talked to her mother. Her blood is totally cleaned from illness and now they are on the way home to Azerbaijan.MUJIN CHOI , what a great ,beautiful ,powerful soul you are!
My name is Ebony Iglesias On January 16th 2013 the most unimaginable thing happened to me. After having suffered with pelvic pain for ten years doctors could not pin point exactly what the problem was. Antibiotics were not removing the pain. So I decided to consult with Mujin Choi and try the energy healing, chakra healing. I consider myself a normal girl that likes to try new things and what I am about to explain may not seem normal to many. As soon as I met with mr Mujin I was greeted with a warm hi.
During the beginning of the process I began to feel the pain in my pelvis to move not only did it move but I can physically feel the pain leave my body. and It did. But that wasn’t the only thing that happened. During the chakra healing something began to take place in my body. this is the first time Im explaining this. I saw a purple light like the shape of a vortex surround me. first it was around Mujin it was strong it was beautiful it felt good. this energy transpired into my body. I was conscious but then again I wasn’t. the second thing that happened was when a person or thing appeared in front of me. it didn’t have ears it was bald, thin , about 4 feet tall maybe. and its eyes were big and oval shaped. slanted the size of its head. and purple flaming energizing simmered in its eyes. I wasn’t afraid. I trusted this although I dont know what was about to happen. then I began to witness physically the physical presence of more than one being. I could say there were about 8 to 10 of them at the side of Mujin at all times. some how I knew there was a room full. And that we were not alone. then I felt as if my body was lifted from where I lay and placed into this round shape object. and taken away. I cant remember where or what place this was. and then I was slightly beginning to gain consciousness as this light that was around dispersed and I heard Mujin tap me. I woke up and I dont even feel the pain from carpel tunnel in my fingers. I dont know where I went and I dont know why I was able to see these things. but all I can say is that I feel like I am in a new body..its only been three hours since I came back. I am new. and pain free. maybe this will not mean anything to any one . but It does to me. I saw these beings, I saw their vehicle and I was taken away, what happened there, I dont know. what happens now? I believe, .. That Mujin has healing power from within and above.
“I am a witness to what my minds eye has seen”- Ebony I.
Mujin Choi answered a message I sent him on Facebook within ten minutes of receiving it.My 66 year old boyfriend had been diagnosed with stage d congestive heart failure eight months ago and suddenly swelled up,could not walk or breath… actually sounds like he’s drowning . After Mujins session the first time,he calmed down and his breathing became less tense,peace came to him and he slept .. I was so grateful and to my surprise he called again and did another frequency healing session, unbelievable, calm came over Paul and his breathing became again less labored ,When they were done his voice had changed dramatically,from labored ,Shakey and unledgable to strong again.After a while he got out of bed and began walking to the bathroom without his walker .His legs hurt so bad he could not stand for long or walk,they are all symptoms of heart failure.He was so excited when he realized the pain in his legs had gone. Mujin is so devoted to a total stranger he called again .The third session Paul said he’s really helping me. .I can breath easier and today it felt like he put his hands into my chest and squeezed my heart back into rythem and beating strong again ! We were amazed.He thanked me for contacting Mujin and said he’s really helping me.i know he’s keeping me out of the hospital and that is a big deal because with this covid thing there are no visitors allowed in our hospital locally,so if he goes in he will be totally alone .The Drs pretty much said all they can do is keep him comfortable ,which they are failing to do . Mujin you are working a miracle here and giving a good man much needed comfort in what could be his last days on earth. With your dedication we have renewed hope for life again and if he pulls through this dark time it will be thanks to you Mujin ,and I’m so grateful to have met you and I look forward to watching you preforming miracles not only in our life but in all people you’ve touched in such a way! We look forward to your calls you seem to know exactly when to call! God bless you my friend …. Shawnee Sauers and Paul DaOro California USA

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Hello my friends greeting from Syria
Pls. Be patience because I need you to read my experience About a week ago my heart was almost broke and l did not know what to do or with whom to communicate to help me savoring a 4-day-old baby. She was very ill after birth and was transferred to the Super-Care Center in the children’s hospital in Damascus Syria and left there alone without hope and not even a visit because she picked up a kind of virus From the obstetrics hospital and she was suffering from the same time .. I could not give up on this beautiful angel, especially since my heart tells me she will be fine despite all the doctors reports (but she had to get help to fight for her life) I remember that I opened the Facebook and the first l saw was a post for dear Mujin choi, who l always been following his sessions I did not hesitate and immediately continued him and explained to him the situation of the unfortunate baby he did not hesitate and gave me instructions and started the daily sessions from distance and he was Following here by great care compassion and sympathetic and throughout the treatment he was always calling me several times a day to reassure her condition and told me (at the beginning of treatment I always say The situation of the patient may get worse in the beginning so do not panic no need to worry because this is the beginning of the response) and actually the next day, the situation of the baby become so bad that the doctor’s inform the parents to expect the worst because she is too weak to bear and the devices that attached to her small body have exhausted here alot .. Yes I fell like break down to hear that But I was sure what my brother Mujin told me I informed him as he ask me too
He told me, I will intensify the session and continue sending the healing energy and he did with love and patience at the expense of his time and his work.. then we got the news from the hospital that the baby suddenly opened her eyes and they moved and freed here from the devices and now she is with her dad thanks God , but dear Mujin insist to continues to send healing energy until she’s at home
.. On behalf of the family of the baby I would like to thank Master Mujin Choi for his time, love and good heart and his great effort to save the little angel .. though he doesn’t know me personally and I have never spoken to him before I just follow him on his page ..
You are great and generous and wonderful brother you can’t imagine How grateful we are to you and we will always be so..we will pray God
to protect you and make you And increase you more knowledge
and Extends you with blessing wherever you are
Thank you ..Thank you..Thank you������
I met Mujin on another energy healing website. I was seeking help for my girlfriend cause she had been diagnosed with leukemia and only had 7 months to live. She had been showing signs of Nosebleeding, dizziness, feelings of weak, vomitting blood and was progressively getting worse and was losing hope. Mujin offered help through fb sessions. Atfter a few months of sessions she has now recovered and is doing 110% now . I can never forget what the universe has offered me and that is Mujin himself. Thankyou !!
I had a huge tumor on my thigh and was diagnosed with lymphoma and also I had cancer in my lungs . While I was waiting for the medical treatment I worked with Mujin who shrunk my tumor and also helped the cancer in my lungs . I have no cancer in my lungs and also the tumor has completely disappeared. I continue to work with Mujin for my immune system and even the doctors are impressed that the tumor went so quickly and my immune system is strong. I can’t thank Mujin enough for all his help and I know he has saved my life and also continues to keep me strong. I am forever grateful. With love to you Mujin and my eternal thanks

Mujin is an amazing sweet soul & a great healer! He did thyroid healing and increase my healing power. For Thyroid, at first, it was difficult to notice anything but later I felt my throat was tight & slight pain then felt lighter and more energy the next day. As for healing power, during the session I felt tingling and warm. Then I remember feeling like I was floating and saw Mujin face & it transformed into a cute looking Arcturian and can see the beautiful blending color of bluish white light. After I finished my session with Mujin, I tested to try to heal my husband’s knees and he said the pain is gone and can walk better. Thank you Mujin, it was a heartfelt blessing to have you. You are an amazing healer. (((((Hugs)))))

Arcturian in the House
Today I had my Blue Ray course with Mujin and at some point, he called on the blue beings to join us. Amazingly, there was this 4 ft. tall blue being that showed up. The blue being was standing on my left side and Mujin was standing on my right side, both directing blue ray towards me. I felt I was floating. Thank you for bringing him in, Mujin. I am so much looking forward to share that energy with others. ❤

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