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Bear Dream:

Excerpt from my book: The Power of Dreams; Dream Tools for Navigating Life


…The following night I have a

dream of a black bear sleeping in my kitchen,

curled in a ball on the floor. I ask him what he

is doing. He tells me, “Susan, you are about to

go through many changes and I am here to

steady your heart and to help.”


No! I have had too much change and I am

sick of it! I cannot take this much more!”


“Don’t worry so much. I should not tell you

this, but since you are falling apart I will let you

know it will only last ten weeks, and then your

life will be anchored in its new direction.


The next day I went consciously into this Dream, via my drum, and the Bear continued:


Bear: “Teach Dreamwork! Do not get another job! Teach Dreamwork fast and furiously.”


Me: “But my family and I will starve.  We will be living in a pup tent.”


Bear: ” No you wont. And pup tents aren’t so bad by the way. Teach as many people as possible.  Teach at an affordable rate. ( he gave me an actual number that I used for years) Teach so that if they only see you even one time, they will learn to have a new relationship with their Dreams. Get an oversized calendar and mark off 10 weeks.  Do this, so that as you lose heart and courage, you will indeed see progress being made.” ( to this day, I still always use an oversized calendar)