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Susan Morgan is able to communicate with animals easily. She is also able to get in a heightened state of awareness to discern what is happening emotionally and physically with an animal.  This information and its accuracy can be astounding at times.

She has many stories of animals she has helped, but one of her all time favorites is when she was able to create harmony in a home that had taken in 2 abused cats from a shelter.  They were both so aggressive they hunched near the front door biting and attacking people as they came in.  The new caretaker thought they were possessed by evil spirits.  When I went to meet them I was able to determine they were not possessed, but had been unloved and profoundly abused.  I shared their stories of their past with their new caretaker and also what they would like in their new lives…and what they did Not like.

It went well and within 1 week a complete change in their behavior had taken place.

They were no longer aggressive, and over time, became extremely affectionate.  This was a very happy ending for all involved.

I can also help with horses and often can see where physical challenges are in their bodies.

I do not need to be with the animal to do this, though I do like to meet them for my own enjoyment when I am able.  I do not need a photo either, but prefer it when it is possible.

There are times when I prefer to read for the animals more than people! (smile) The fee/rates are the same as the ‘people’ Readings

I share my home and life with a Wolf hybrid (Malamute) named Wolfie, who is also my stores mascot and

a cat named Bella Boo,

Someday I will write about the photo of me and the beautiful owl.