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Shamanic Methods for Empowerment and Healing


 Welcome to the NEW Online Series of workshops offered by Susan Morgan of The Mystic Dream Center

In this Three Part Workshop, Ancestral Healing, you will learn how to shamanically travel, through the heartbeat of Susan’s rattle, gaining greater clarity and knowledge of your ancestral line, your Soul line, and how to better connect with the Earth; for the purpose of bringing healing into your ancestral line, Soul line, and the Earth.

You will learn:

  • How to track across time
  • How to access deeper levels of awareness
  • How to gain new strength and gifts from the past
  • How to heal old wounds
  • How to access your other lives
  • How to communicate with the Guardian(s) of your land
  • How to communicate with trees
  • How to incorporate this new awareness into your life in practical ways!

The Mystic Dream Center is a 501 C registered non profit, and in being such, you are able to write off your financial investment for this workshop on your taxes, should you choose.

This NEW Workshop is being offered at a discount rate of only



This includes (3) videos and an hour follow-up Online Webinar!

(schedule will be emailed to you upon registration)

The value is a savings of $96! (normally $133 for the workshop, plus $40 for the webinar)

You will be able to access these videos for 30 days after purchasing, and can use as many times as you like.  It is recommended to allow a couple of days between the Online classes to better assimilate the information.

1 ) Ancestral Healing (37 mins )

2 ) Soul Healing (19 mins)

3) Healing with the Earth (21 mins)

Susan has offered this workshop in-person for many years and is now able to offer it to you Online in the comfort of your home!  It was the foundational workshop for all of Susan’s other Intensive Workshops offered.

Headphones/ Earbuds are recommended for listening.  You can either watch along with the video or use the audio only, your choice.

Check out Susan’s Free Youtube Videos of Nightly Meditations offered to her subscribers too!

    Susan Morgan is a Master Dreamworker and the Founder of The Mystic Dream Center, a registered non profit.  She is also a gifted Psychic Medium, Shamanic Practitioner and Author whose books include: The Power of Dreams; Dream Tools for Navigating Life. She is  Abenaki and Huron in addition to Scots Irish. More info can be found on: