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D r e a m i n g   A s   A   P r a c t i c e

In ancient (and not so ancient) cultures, working with Dreams was critical to the health of an individual and community. It was well known that we Dream the future and we Dream the past.

( for more info read my book: The Power of Dreams; Dream Tools for Navigating Life)  

We Dream with our Ancestors, we Dream of our other lives, we Dream with our body, we Dream with the Earth. (Why I capitalize Dream)

Yet how do we do this in our modern life? It is quite hard to find a group of supportive Dreamers that you could share your Dreams with on a continuing weekly basis…until NOW.

Have you wanted to attend a Dream Circle?

Do you want to remember your Dreams?

Have you wanted to attend a Dream Circle but time or money was short at hand?

Welcome to 2018 and abundant choices!

Due to my desire for less travel and more time for writing and creative projects,

(hey I am not living forever…at least in this body!)

I have created an easy to use,


Live Online Dream Circle!


I will still hold my Beloved Dream Circles once a week,

and YOU can attend, any and all, to your hearts content.

If you want to make a commitment to yourself and your Dreams, consider one of the 3 options:

Golden Sun Dreamer: $33 per month for prepaying a years membership! ($396)

Silver Moon Dreamer: $35  pre pay 6 months!($210)

Star Dreamer:  $39 a month prepay for 3 months! ($117)


As an All Access Pass Member you will be able to join, as you please, throughout the month.

Dream Circles will be held Sunday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 PST. ( that is 9:00 to 10:00 EST)

I know some of you who have been in Dream Circles with me for years may not be so sure of this.  I am telling you, this will work great.  Maybe even better, because you can tune in once a week if you want or just once a month.  You will save travel time and the fees are cheaper too.

It is the only way I will be holding regular Dream Circles at this point.

For those of you who have wanted to see what your Dreams and the Dreamworld hold for you~this is your opportunity!

I can only do this at the minimum of the three month commitment, because I dont want to spend too much of my time doing admin work and bookkeeping.  ( see above! 🙂 )


I am interested in creating strong Dreamers, ( rather than Dream Dabblers) and that takes some time and commitment.  If you dont remember your Dreams, this will kick start your remembering of Dreams!  We NEED strong Dreamers in the world right now.  People who can navigate their own lives through an active relationship with their Dreams, and help others too, if they want. I am going for quality rather than quantity.

But I also know many of you have no real idea of the magic and power of Dreamwork, so that if why I am offering the 3 month Star Dreamer option.


Golden Sun Dreamers also receive an hour Spiritual Mediumship Reading

for only $99 on their birthday month. ( I will still be offering Readings)

                         AND, a FREE Ebook copy of my book The Power of Dreams; Dream Tools for Navigating Life

A combined value of $140!


Silver Moon Dreamers also receive a FREE Ebook copy of my book

The Power of Dreams; Dream Tools for Navigating Life


After 20 years of holding in-person Dream Circles I can now reach many more people with the internet.  As my oldest son reminded me, my intention was always to teach as many people as possible Dreamwork. ( per order of a Bear in one of my Dreams) . This is my gift to you and the World.  I have been a Dreamworker in this , and other lives, and my heart burns to make this possible for more people.

Join me. Join us.

Register Now

We start May 13th!