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   ‘The Creation of a Thousand Forests is in One Acorn’ ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


An Acorn Dream

In my Dream, I am holding a large, platter sized acorn top.  It is filled with acorns.  I am happily walking down a winding dirt path in a deep woods carrying my acorns, handing one to each random person that I meet along the way.  Behind me follows my teacher of Dreamwork, Robert Moss. I awake.

This Dream had an enormous impact on my decision to teach Dreamwork.  For me, the acorns represent the seeds of Dreamwork, and I do plant these seeds all over this country.  Whether they grow into a strong Oak depends on the Dreamer and if they tend to their Dreams.  I plant the seeds and you grow the tree.

The photo is of a wooden acorn I keep at all my Dream Circles as my reminder of why I do what I do.