A New Year!

/A New Year!
A New Year! 2018-12-31T23:53:47+00:00

As I leave behind this year, I am amazed how much my life has changed.

Everything changed for me, from the foundation up.  And I did not see it coming, nor did I ever have dreams or aspirations to move to the southwest or open my own store. This is further proof life does what it wants.  (and may I not block the flow of water (life) as the ancients would say)

Yet here I am, a traveler in unfamiliar land and life and yet I have kept my basic happy nature in tact. (I notice I swear insistently now though)

My store Mystic Dream has a grand opening on January 10th at 1:00 and if you are in the area, please do come by!  There will be the classic ribbon cutting and city Dignitaries.  ( this is how they roll here) If you cannot attend, I will gladly accept any good wishes:)

My Spiritual Helpers woke me the other morning at 4:30 (!) to give me more details on how they want the Store to be; hence the chakra paintings and the Isis mural that I painted. I have lots of good classes lining up with more also in the works.  My goal is to offer a variety of self empowerment workshops and classes.  These include PiYo Yoga, Feng Shui, Quantum Physics and Shamanism, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Plant Medicine Gathering ,Chakras Crystals and Stones ,  Dream Circle and more… My online store is going to up and running in about a month.

In a couple of days I have the JOY of going to one of the biggest gem shows in the country; The Quartzite Rock Show, that is advertised as a rockhounds paradise.  Oh My! I shall get lots of good rocks that I can hopefully part with and sell in the store 🙂  It is held in Arizona and should only be about 3 hours away which is not too bad.

But~ I really want to wish all of you a blessed new year filled with joy and hope!  I have come to realize after my move how many people I love and appreciate.  If you are reading this you are probably one of them!  Please take good care of yourself this upcoming year and maybe we shall see each other in 2019!