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Brain Training SPECIAL!

Mystic Dream uses state of the art software that captures the electrical impulses in your brain. (painlessly)

The results show brain wave patterns in different parts of the brain. The data is then converted into a visual brain map that reports any unusual brainwave and/or dys-regulation.

A Brain Health Specialist will go over your wellness goals and create a treatment package based off of your EEG brain mapping results.

Whats Next?

Let’s get you scheduled!

We recommend a 6 week program, so that you can really reset your brain in a sustaining way.  We also make it super affordable so that you can make it happen, no excuses.  We recommend 3 to 5 days a week to get started and then  tapering off. You will see your brain staying in resonance longer and longer which is proof the neurofeedback is working.

How about you have just left a triggering situation? We will do our best to get you in asap so you can re-balance your brain.

We are dedicated to changing the world, one brain at a time!

And since we are a metaphysical store and studio we deliver this service to you in an aesthetically pleasing way! Of course!

All in a clean quiet sanctuary of a room.

You will leave here refreshed and renewed and ready for your life!

How much?

A 6 week treatment plan is normally upwards of $4500 plus.

But we mean it when we say we want to offer this to many people so right now offer a

Special Rate of only $3450  for 18 treatments within a 6 week period! (pre paid rate) Normally, $5400.

Hurry and schedule while this Special lasts!

Don’t delay. Your brain and life would love a little TLC!

Call 702 272-1319 now to schedule your consultation! Go to