May Day

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May Day

May Day. May 1st.  My favorite day of the year. May is the month when I am grateful to be alive and feel hope like no other time of the year.  The month is always over too fast.

Recognizing that my lifelong enthusiasm for this month is grounded in nothing particular, I did some research a number of years back.  There is alot of ritual surrounding May Day and I now think it must be my past  lifetimes that inspire my current life with this unbounded joy on May 1st.

For me, the meaning is closest to how Druids felt about May Day. It was the second most important holiday of the year. Because, it was when the festival of Beltane held. It was thought that the day divides the year into half. The other half was to be ended with the Samhain on November 1. Those days the May Day custom was the setting of new fire. It was one of those ancient New Year rites performed throughout the world. And the fire itself was thought to lend life to the burgeoning springtime sun.


I wish you a Blessed May Day and a season of renewal this Spring.


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