Meditation and White Sheets

//Meditation and White Sheets

Meditation and White Sheets

I woke yesterday with the song ‘All My Exes Live in Texas‘ by George Strait playing in my mind.

For no good reason.

The thought, that on a Monday morning, this was the best my mind was circulating, was disappointing, to say the least.  I have been lazy with keeping my mind clean lately, and this was my reminder.  By ‘clean’, I mean higher and loftier states of awareness and purpose.

I am also not inspired to ‘blank out’ my mind during meditation.  This is why shamanism so agrees with me.  I am going places and seeing things when I travel in a meditative/shamanic state.

Spontaneously, I was gifted an image of a calming meditation that is as close to clearing the mind of everything as I am able to do, at this point, for any extended period of time.  I am sharing it with you with the hopes that you might find it helpful.

Imagine a soft and slowly flowing stream of white fabric.  It is being carried on gentle breezes.  Maybe it is attached to a clothes line, but who knows.  You cannot tell.  The image of it flowing fills your entire view, and you cannot see where it starts or ends.  It undulates and moves as if swirls of air are around it.  You can barely see a hint of the light blue sky behind it.

That’s it.  Just watch the fabric move till you are clear, calm and centered.



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