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In keeping with the number theme (see my previous blog about the Time of Nine), it was brought to my attention that it was 100 days ago I decided (on a whim) to move myself across this country. I am not inclined to make reckless decisions, so how is this possible?

I saw a hare at a park in Henderson, Nevada mid March.  A March hare. Here is an interesting 3 min video of March Hares, Dreams and Aztecs that you might enjoy.

The Hare I saw sat looking at me for an inordinate amount of time. Too much time actually, and he made me uneasy.  Uneasy because for me, I knew a 30 day cycle of some magnitude in my life was about to happen. Here is the little bugger:


On my way to the airport to fly back home to New Hampshire, my oldest son, suggested I move to Nevada.  He has suggested this many times over the past few years.  I quickly dismissed this possibility.  He pleaded for me to look for just a moment at some homes he had up on his computer that were available.  They were stunning and affordable.  There was still snow on the ground in NH and this had been another long winter. I agreed in that moment of looking at the house images to move.  Period.

The energy required to make this happen was enormous for me, and yet I worked 12 hour days ( 7 days a week~ 100 days) to make it happen. I repainted my entire home inside and out.  I stood on a 16 foot ladder painting and hoping this was the last time I would stand on a 16 foot ladder in this life.  I laid new floor in my kitchen, bath and hall.  I worked non stop and would collapse into bed each night.  But I was driven, and when I am in that state of mind~I am totally and obsessively focused.

It paid off. My home sold in 4 days and I made money. I packed my stuff in 4 U Haul boxes ( not recommending that at all) which are still yet to be delivered.  I packed my small car with my dog Wolfie, my youngest son and his dog Wesley. We drove fast across country.

I stayed at my oldest sons home with his wife and my grandchildren ( here they are outside the bathroom door.  All these digits belong to only 2 small children! )


for a little over a week, and I now live in my own home that I rent.  I love this house!  My youngest is in a great apartment just a couple of miles away too.

My first night in my new home, I slept so soundly and yet could barely move due to exhaustion the following day.  It was then pointed out to me that I had done all this in 100 days. No wonder I was exhausted!  I am now recouped and taking some extra time to adjust my speed to a healthier pace.

The Hare was a sign of change.  A good sign, and I am grateful I am still actively living my life with creative vigor and not on automatic pilot.

Here is the view I see during my morning meditation and yoga from my upstairs balcony:

Here is beloved Wolfie in the living room awaiting furniture.  ( though I am almost preferring the peace of very little in here)


I live in Henderson which has the distinction of having more parks than any other town in America!  I live 400 yards from the best one!  I leave you with an inspirational saying I see on signs all over town: Tell a Better Story   I love this. Maybe we all can consider telling a better story of our life.  If not now, when?