Dream Circle August 9, 2012


And now what?

Use this soul retrieval experience to help others; share with them that it is not about fixing or changing, but rather about accepting, honoring and tucking away for safe keeping.


The dead girl Patricia lay on her bed, sunken into the mattress.  From her emits a wispy, blue-ish essence…the life force of her.  And the lifeforce reaches and flounders, becoming even more wispy.  Some strands of her, however, are very strong and solid, and bluer in color.  As a flame would do, the lifeforce reaches, stretches and dances; but she is tethered to the dead girl; anchored in her heaviness; entwined in a way that will not release.  Still the lifeforce reaches and dances and attempts to break free.  But she cannot.


The deadness of young Patricia is heavy, heavy, heavy.  Her reaction to the shock of violation was to kill down the very life force of herself in an attempt to cease to exist.  And she has fallen deeper and deeper into the deadness.


As Crone, I move to her bedside, lean over her, and intend to breathe life back into her with a kiss.  Patricia remains in her deadness.  And so I, as Crone, move to her feet and hold them attempting to transmit life force into her root, and she does not receive.  The golden helpers begin to anoint Patricia, and color appears, barely.  We all see her color; and then it fades.  As I hold her feet, the young Patricia begs to be left alone, to be allowed to go back.  “Leave me alone; let me go back.”  Her heavy, dead body made of only mud and substance slowly coils into a ball.  She is a tightly rolled, gray-blue sphere.  And I, as Crone, say to her. “ Okay.  Let me tuck you into my pocket.  I will hold you here for the duration. You may ride it out tucked away in my pocket.”  And I did.


But the lifeforce will not stay in my pocket. LifeForce yearns to dance.  LifeForce hears the drum and she dances, using all of her might to lift out of the deadness.  A tone wells up within her, but Lifeforce is but a smoky essence, with no voice, no mouth, no vocal chords to sound her tone. Her shadowy, wispy arms cannot embrace, for they have no substance with which to hold. Her dance is tethered to the young Patricia DeadForce.


Perhaps Patricia LifeForce may dance her dance from the Sphere tucked into the pocket of the Crone.  Perhaps to be tethered is a safety amulet.  Perhaps without the tether, Patricia LifeForce would dance wildly into destruction.  Perhaps all is exactly perfect.


The Crone holds and protects Maiden.

The Maiden grieves.

The Matron awakens, dances and sings.

And the Crone smiles.