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CALEA: This flowering plant is used by the Chontal natives indigenous to the Mexican state of Oaxaca, where there is a strong tradition of visionary plants. Traditionally, calea is used for oneiromancy, a form of divination based on dreams. The Chontal believe that dreams happen in realms beyond those we consciously perceive, and that the contents of dreams can convey meaningful messages or prophecy. They further maintain that calea clarifies the senses so the dreamer can more clearly perceive insights and bring them back into waking memory. Read More:

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This is a 6 month journey into bringing greater healing to our planet through Dreamwork.  The time is at hand for the Dreamers to take their gifts and skills and apply them to their communities and the World.  How?  By agreeing to pay attention to their sleep dreams and honoring them.  After just the first month, a Dreamer dreamed of the attacks in Paris the night before it happened.  We meet via Skype on the 1st Wed of each month.  We are a small but mighty group.  If you are interested, please email Susan.

We also employ shamanic methods to gain a deeper understanding of how other sentient beings are doing at this time.  We will travel with the Trees in Dec, the Animals in Jan, the Elements in Feb, Continents in March and finally with Time Periods/ Race in April.

Fee is $111

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