Reclaiming the Ancient and Sacred Art of Dreamwork

Oracular Divination!

4 PART  Intensive ~  The Art of Divination

MAGIKA of SALEM, MA is hosting Susan Morgan in this important 4 part series!

OCT 11 & 18   NOV 15 & 22



Across time, the ability to divine, (receive clear guidance from a Source not of oneself) has played a vital role in the survivability of any group of people. Traditionally, it was the role of the priest, shaman, or Dreamer to share their skill of divination with their community.

You can also learn to become fluent in a language that is ancient and true. 

In this workshop participants will :

  • Learn to dialogue with the Unseen, becoming skilled at seeing the patterns, resonance and rhythm of things.

Indigenous Peoples did not have the written word, but they had knowledge because they knew the language of Nature, which is also ‘divinable.’ 

  • Learn how to read Tarot in a fresh way, that does not require any prior knowledge.
  • Learn to read the I Ching, pendulums, bibliomancy.
  • Learn how to read rocks and sticks.
  • Learn the authentic Art of Dreamwork, the highest form of Oracle Reading.

You will make your own

Medicine Wheel.

Let Susan teach you skills of Divination that can last a lifetime.  Some are developed from Susan and very unique.  But then again~ when we can ‘read’ one thing, we can ‘read’ most anything.  The Universe is in dialogue with us always. This is fun, fast paced and quite worthwhile if used as a tool for navigation in your life.

 Come prepared with plenty of good paper, colored pencils and a sense of wonder.